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Icicle Drip Art Painting

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Our theme this month is Winter in the Woods with Experience Early Learning formerly Mother Goose Time. One day our theme was icicles so we tried some icicle drip art painting.

Icicle Drip Painting

I love to use our easel! It’s a big homemade one I found at a yard sale for $2. This painting process is perfect on the easel. Icicle Drip Painting Using thinned down tempera paint or our favorite Handy Art Liquid Watercolors and pipettes, we started at the top of the paper and dripped paint down. It was thick enough to slowly run down the paper. Beautiful icicle drip art painting!  Lay the paintings flat to dry.Icicle Drip Painting Mix in some sparkle paint to make your icicle paintings extra special! Don’t be afraid to add it to the colors as well, it really adds a kick to the purple and blue.Icicle Drip Painting

Benefits of Vertical Work

Painting with pipettes is always fun and children are not only creating art but working on hand strength, eye-hand coordination and fine motor skills.

Children need to be working on a vertical surface often! It’s crucial for preschoolers. When children are working on fine motor skills vertically, the wrist is properly positioned to develop stability. This leads to skillful use of the finger muscles.

Icicle Drip Painting

When working on flat surfaces, as children often do, they tend to straighten or flex their wrist. When this happens, it interferes with using the small muscles in the hand properly. Other vertical surfaces like magnetic boards, dry erase boards, and chalkboards are excellent for small muscle development in the hands.

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