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Laundry Dramatic Play

Recently my group enjoyed Laundry Day Dramatic Play as part of our Mother Goose Time “Bubbles Boats & Floats”. curriculum for May. This was a very simple dramatic play set up. I thought about making cardboard washers & dryers, etc, but you know, the simpler the better!  I observed the boys putting clothing into the shallow tub on the table and then spinning it and making sound effects. Excellent! They have more imagination than I. SmileLaundry Dramatic Play

Play props:

  • baby clothing – some with snaps & zippers are great for fine motor/self help skills
  • socks
  • washcloths
  • child sized clothing hangers
  • clothespins
  • play iron
  • small baskets
  • folding drying rack
  • sensory bottles for detergent

Watch our video. My group was very engaged in this activity.

Laundry Day Play

Laundry Day Dramatic Play

Laundry Day Dramatic Play

We also painted shirt shapes with clothespins & cotton balls:

Clothespin & cottonball painting art project

Laundry art project collage

More ideas for laundry day play:

Tom Sensori-Baby & clothes wash  – this is a great one for outdoor play as well

Let’s Go Fly a Kite – Folding Cloths