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Oh Snap! Printable|End of School Blues

Our 4th grader likes school and is sad about it ending for the summer. I know…strange. School is fairly easy for him and he likes his teacher and his classmates. No troubles. He’s very social too, so he’s realizing he won’t see his friends everyday and he’s been sad about it.

Oh Snap

This idea came to me and when I asked him what he thought about it, he was on board – excited even! It was a little last minute but it all came together.

After hitting 3 stores and finally finding these individual boxes I was looking for, we left with 28 boxes. $28. I-yii-yii  Yes, 28 students! The class started out with 30 in September. Poor teacher.Oh Snap Printable 2

I will be honest, I worried about how it might go over at school due to the nature of them. He asked the teacher and she seemed fine with it. Also, I emailed her and asked if he could hand them out just before everyone went home. I suggested that it might be a good idea for the kids to put them directly in backpacks until they got home but my son said she didn’t announce that. I didn’t want them to open them outside at school or on a bus, causing a problem. Well, it hasn’t made the news yet so I think we’re okay.

Anyway, please use your own judgment on what’s best.  They are mostly harmless but there are age requirements and warnings on the packages. Of course kids should be supervised when using them.Oh Snap Label

Oh Snap 3

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