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Loose Parts Nature Designs

Now that it’s fall, we’ve been learning about orchards, trees and also parts of a tree. This loose parts nature designs activity from Mother Goose Time was so inspiring! Using natural items with children is well, just natural. They are drawn to rocks and sticks. It’s an inviation to play chilren can’t refuse.

Nature Designs with natural loose parts a Mother Goose Time activity from Share & Remember #MGTblogger #looseparts

Loose Parts Nature Designs

Making nature designs with natural loose parts like rocks, sticks and leaves focuses on fine motor skills, spatial awareness as well as patterns and sorting.

bowls with leaves, rocks and sticks for making Loose Parts Nature Designs in preschool

Mother Goose Time provided beautiful Nature Design Mats in October’s kit.

kids making Loose Parts Nature Designs with rocks, leaves and sticks
Loose Parts Nature Designs materials table top activity

The kids made their own designs too. Creativity counts!

Looking at a picture and duplicating the design isn’t easy. I guided them to count how many sticks or rocks they needed.

making a design with leaves and sticks Loose Parts Nature Designs

We used our alphabet rocks so some kids recognized letters and chose the rocks they wanted to use based on the letters.

circular design with rocks and sticks Loose Parts Nature Designs

We don’t have many trees in our yard so I bought some sticks to use for loose parts and preschool crafts. I know it sounds silly to buy sticks, but it can be a good alternative if you don’t have sticks readily available. I like that they are a uniform size for these types of activities.

leaves and sticks starburst design Loose Parts Nature Designs
preschool table activity Loose Parts Nature Designs

The clear bowls I used for this activity and displaying manipulatives on our shelves were from the Dollar Tree store. I believe they originally intended for terrarium gardens but I just love to use them for play materials.

Loose Parts Nature Designs

A beautiful nature pattern design!

The Busy Tree

The Busy Tree is one of my favorite books. I love the close up look at a tree. It seems like the tree is just standing there until you get up close and see all that’s going on in a tree. 

Busy Tree book about trees