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The Sound of Drums

This December our preschool theme is Sights and Sounds (Cozy Winter Senses – 2021) from Experience Curriculum. We’re starting with Wonder About Orchestra in Lessons 1-5 which is about the sound of drums, woodwinds, horns, stringed instruments, and piano. See What’s in the Box for Sights and Sounds of Winter here (slight changes for 2018/2021).

Sound of Drums - Sights and Sounds - Mother Goose Time Preschool Curriculum Paper plate drum instrument craft for preschoolers #MGTblogger #MotherGooseTime #preschoolcurriculum #preschool #preschoolmusic #SightsandSounds

So much to wonder about orchestra! Music plays an important role in our culture, including for children. Music allows us to communicate without words. When exploring music, children hear sounds and tones. Music helps both the body and mind develop.

Mother Goose Time preschool curriculum for December. Learn about musical instruments, outdoor sights and sounds, indoor sights and sounds and Winter and holiday activities included. #MGTblogger #MotherGooseTime #SightsandSounds #preschoolcurriculum

The Sound of Drums

Day 1- drums! One of the most fun instruments for kids. Unfortunately, we no longer have any toy drums but no problem! We have lots of items that can be used as a drum. Let’s get creative!

Drum lesson 1 of Sights and Sounds Mother Goose Time preschool curriculum. Wonder about orchestra including: drums, woodwinds, horns and stringed instruments. #MotherGooseTime #MGTblogger #SightsandSounds #preschoolmusic

This little basket turned over makes an awesome drum!

Basket drum for toddler play and exploration of drums. What can you pound on or tap to make noise? #MGTblogger #MotherGooseTime #SightsandSounds

Plastic candy canes on overturned boxes sound cool too.

Tapping on boxes with plastic candy canes to create his own unique drum and sound. #MGTblogger #MotherGooseTime #preschool #SightsandSounds

Little man has to take a turn!

Creating a drum with toys - plastic candy canes and boxes. Making noise with creative "drum" alternatives. #MGTblogger #MotherGooseTime #SightsandSounds

Name Beats Literacy and Drum Communication Community Challenge

We had so much fun with both of these activities! First, for name beats we explored about many syllables or beats are in our names. We patted our knees one time for each beat in our friend’s names. E-li, E-li, Eli…then Kay-den, Kay-den, Kay-den, etc. The kids catch on really fast to this concept. We did it two days in a row because it’s so much fun.

Drum Communication and Name Beats activities for drum or music preschool theme. Mother Goose Time lesson 1 drum: Sights and Sounds #MGTblogger #MotherGooseTime #preschool #literacyinpreschool #preschoomusic

The Drum Communication Community Challenge is similar: 

How do you communicate with someone far away? Explain that in some cultures, drums were used to send messages. 

Encourage one child to pound a beat on the floor or on a drum (we used our knees). 

Invite the other children to respond by repeating that same beat.

Continue taking turns as the leader.

Finding Instruments Memory Match Game

First, we looked at all the instruments on the cards and identified them. Then we took turns finding matches. It’s not easy for young children to sit and wait for their turn or just turn over two cards but it is still a good experience. They can do it with some reminders! Children need lots of practice to gain these important skills.

Memory Match game with pictures of musical instruments from Mother Goose Time preschool curriculum. Sights and Sounds of Winter #MGTblogger #MotherGooseTime #preschoolactivities

One child turned over these two cards. The cello and violin look so similar but not the same! It was disappointing but it gave me an opportunity to point out the differences between the instruments

Memory Match game with pictures of musical instruments from Mother Goose Time preschool curriculum. Sights and Sounds of Winter #MGTblogger #MotherGooseTime #preschoolactivities

Working with a mixed age group from 22 months – 5 years is challenging but the younger ones learn so much from the older kids. Here our little guy is playing the memory match game too!

Memory Match game with pictures of musical instruments from Mother Goose Time preschool curriculum. Sights and Sounds of Winter #MGTblogger #MotherGooseTime #preschoolactivities

Sounds All Around Us

We read this book, Sound and Hearing. It’s a quality book with beautiful pictures of different kinds of drums and features people around the world. It also explains how sound moves in waves and how the ear works.

The Sound of Drums -- book about drums for early childhood. Sounds All Around Us Sound and Hearing book for preschoolers to learn about sound and how sound waves travel. Features multicultural images and facts about sound.

Pellet Drum Make & Play Craft

The pellet drum Make and Play craft was awesome! The kids colored their paper plates and beaded their yarn while I helped glue the paper plates, straws and yarn together with hot glue.

Pellet Drum Make and Play instrument made from paper plates, straw, yarn and beads. #SightsandSounds #MakeandPlay #MotherGooseTime #preschoolactivities #musicforkids #MGTblogger

This is a durable design for a paper plate drum instrument. The straw has to be in far enough so the plate part isn’t “floppy” on the top.

Pellet Drum instrument made from paper plates, straw, yarn and beads. #SightsandSounds #MotherGooseTime #preschoolactivities #musicforkids #MGTblogger

The drums made a fun sound and my group enjoyed playing with them.

Pellet Drum instrument made from paper plates, straw, yarn and beads. #SightsandSounds #MotherGooseTime #preschoolactivities #musicforkids #MGTblogger

Heading out the door for the day with his treasure that may or may not irritate his parents!

Pellet Drum instrument made from paper plates, straw, yarn and beads. #SightsandSounds #MotherGooseTime #preschoolactivities #musicforkids #MGTblogger

Sensory Shaker Jars 

The sensory Shaker Sounds jars is a simple, extra idea that extends the lesson on sound. Using three small plastic jars (I found these at Michael’s), I filled one with gems (from Craft Project Ideas)

Sensory Shaker Jars - make shaker sounds with different containers filled with small items. Shake and discover what sounds it makes. #MGTblogger #MotherGooseTime #sensory #sensorybottle #STEAM #STEAMStation #preschoolSTEAM

Sensory shaker jars filled with small and colorful objects are enticing to look at but even more fun to shake! (Be sure to close tightly or glue tops on and supervise while they are being used.)

Sound shaker sensory jars for toddlers and preschoolers to experience different sounds and intensities we can make with objects - one jar contains gems, another large colorful buttons and the last jar has jingle bells to shake. #MGTblogger #MotherGooseTime #preschool #sensory #SightsandSounds #STEAM #preschoolSTEAM #STEAMStation

They can be super loud but the kids met the challenge when I asked them if they could shake them softly. They were also able to identify which jar made the loudest, or highest sound and which made the lowest sound. They pretty much just want to shake them as loud as possible!

Small plastic jars with a variety of contents to experiment with shaking and hearing the sound. Can you shake it loud? Can you shake it quietly? #STEAM #preschoolSTEAM #STEAMStation #preschool #sensory #SightsandSounds #MGTblogger #MotherGooseTime

More orchestra Sights and Sounds posts coming up! Along with the sound of drums, we also had fun with woodwinds, horns and stringed instruments this week. We’ll also be learning about indoor and outdoor sounds.

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I received curriculum from Experience Early Learning for honest and authentic stories resulting from my daily experiences using the curriculum. As a user of Experience Preschool for many years, I am pleased to share quality educational experiences. #sponsored #ExperienceEarlyLearning