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Mini Volcanoes

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Throughout our dinosaur theme, I think the volcanoes captured the boy’s {I currently have all boys enrolled, mostly 2 year olds!} attention most.

They loved making mini volcanoes. I gave them each three containers: one with colored vinegar, one with backing soda and one empty bowl. Each had a spoon and a water dropper. I showed them briefly how they could put a little baking soda into the empty bowl and then drop a little vinegar into it. I just let them discover they could scoop larger amounts or pour the whole container. Mini volcanoes for preschoolersmini volcanoes for preschoolers 3mini volcanoes for preschoolers 2

We did this activity two days in a row. They all loved it, even the two who are just 18 mos. I helped them of course. It’s a bit science, a bit sensory. Completely fun though!

The small containers are from The Dollar Tree. I resisted buying them at first not knowing exactly what I’d use them for but since having them, we’ve used them a lot. This is a perfect activity to do on trays.

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