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My Many Colored Days Collages

We’ve been focusing on how to make friends and learning about our feelings with Mother Goose Time‘s Friends & Feelings kit for September 2018. One of the suggested books from the book list is My Many Colored Days. I love this book by Dr. Seuss! Applying a color to how we feel is another way to learn about feelings and express ourselves. See our My Many Colored Days Collages, display, and related sad and color blue activities. 

My Many Colored Days Art Collages

My Many Colored Days Collages

My Many Colored Days is a must have book for young children. It’s a short board book but it captures the children’s attention, describes feelings wonderfully and provides an opportunity to further discuss feelings. I can’t say I’m a big fan of Dr. Seuss (shhh, don’t tell!) but I love this book.

My Many Colored Days book by Dr. Seuss
Suggested Book List from Mother Goose Time for Friends and Feelings
Mother Goose Time’s Suggested Book List Friends and Feelings Theme Sept 2018

To make the many colored days collages, simply provide a piece of black construction paper or cardstock, glue, and brightly colored collage materials.

My Many Colored Days Collages preschool art display

We used craft foam cut into shapes, large buttons and feathers.

My Many Colored Days Collages preschool art display

Some days are yellow. Some days are blue. On different days I’m different too.

My Many Colored Days by Dr. Seuss
Quote from My Many Colored Days by Dr. Seuss

After creating the collages we personalized them with each child’s photo. Super cute!

My Many Colored Days Collages preschool art display

The collages are bright and fun for a class display.

My Many Colored Days Collages preschool art display
My Many Colored Days Collages preschool art display
My Many Colored Days Collages preschool art display
My Many Colored Days Collages preschool art display
My Many Colored Days Shape & Color Collages

Learning About Feeling Sad

Lesson #7 is all about feeling sad. 

Sad preschool feelings theme materials from Mother Goose Time, sight words, I Can Read book, color blue, craft supplies and shape game
All the materials included for lesson #7.

Playing the shape game. I love all the shape and color activities dispersed throughout the monthly materials. Many of the games can be played independently (I put them out as a center) or with a small group. 

shape game using a spinner and shape blocks

Painting Blue

After looking around the room for something that’s blue and pointing to it with the blue crayon, we painted with two shades of blue.

Our blue paintings – we used two shades of blue paint. An easy way to explore colors!

color blue paintings

Make & Play Mirrors

We made little mirrors with simple supplies – craft sticks for handles, colored paper, and mirrored card stock. Each child decorated their mirror as desired with markers, glue and glitter. 

Sad, Mad or Glad? I Can Read Books

These *awesome* I Can Read books from Mother Goose Time focus on a few sight words and coordinate with the monthly theme. Word pointers are included so the children can look through their books and find words. Little readers in the making! 

We also read the book May Feels Sad from the My Feelings series from Scholastic.

My Feelings May Feels Sad book from Scholastic

Learning about feelings through colors is so fun!

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