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M is for Moose Muffins

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Original post from 2016. Content in curriculum kits vary from year to year.

M is for Moose Muffins, of course! /m//m//m/ moose, /m//m//m/ moose, Marching in the meadow, Can you heard the letter m sound… That’s the song we’ve been singing. Of all the A to Zoo Animals we’ve learned about, this one will be talked about for a long time.

M is for Moose Muffins

M is for Moose so we made Moose Muffins. They’re a great snack to go along perfectly with the story “If You Give a Moose a Muffin”. This adorable idea is from the Experience Preschool (formerly Mother Goose Time) recipe card included with M is for Moose day. It is suggested that the children can add the pretzels for antlers but I made them in advance for snack time.

M is for Moose Muffins recipe card

After making chocolate muffins and allowing them to cool, I cut a small wedge in the top of the muffin. I squeezed a little cream cheese frosting into the indentation and set the pretzel rod on top. The eyes are white chocolate chips with small chocolate chips in the center.

M is for Moose Muffins recipe

A dab of cream cheese icing holds them on. Two small chocolate chips pressed into the muffin make the nose. A little cream cheese frosting on the back of pretzel twists holds them onto the pretzel rod. You can also use peanut butter, which probably would work even better, but I have to be careful with peanut butter allergies in my house. Cream cheese would also be a good alternative.

M is for Moose Muffins snack

The art activity for letter M was moose headbands; which are perfect for to wear while marching around (in a meadow if you have one) while listening to the song! They double as awesome keepsakes since the antlers are the child’s hands. Precious.

M is for Moose Muffins Moose headband


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I received curriculum from Experience Early Learning for honest and authentic stories resulting from my daily experiences using the curriculum. As a user of Experience Preschool for many years, I am pleased to share quality educational experiences. #sponsored #ExperienceEarlyLearning

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