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Preschool Community Helpers Construction Worker

There are many fun ways to explore the role of a construction worker through play. Our preschool community helpers construction worker sensory bin – corn and construction vehicles. I found these construction vehicles at the Dollar Tree store for $1.00 each. Sometimes toys from the dollar stores are not made to hold up for the “long haul”  but I do believe these will. I was pleased to see they are sturdier than many small toys and do not have small parts that come off and are unsafe. preschool community helpers construction worker  sensory bin

The Hammering set from Lakeshore Learning is perfect for our construction worker theme:preschool community helpers construction worker  hammering activity

Lots of block building going on! I heard the word “stabilizing” from a 4 year old.

preschool community helpers construction worker  Block Building

Other activities:

  • Construction hard hat headband & colored cardboard hammers (November 2013 kit from Mother Goose Time)
  • sang “Johnny Works with One Hammer” – this is one version
  • construction worker dramatic play – vests, hard hats, tools, blocks
  • Fine motor work: screw driver board sets and plastic nuts & bolts manipulatives