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Rainbow Jell-O Cups

I attempted these for the first time. The process isn’t too long & drawn out if you use the quick set method. At first I tried the whip layer method between the purple & blue before deciding that was going to take forever and I’d run out of space in my cups. The yellow & green kind of blended together but all the colors are there. The older kids ate all of theirs but it was too much for the younger ones. It was all for the color experience!  rjrj4rj5

Teacher F15e

Saturday 9th of July 2011

Here is a another great site to help you with your rainbow ideas. I know you probably have so many but I wanted to share since you have been so nice in sharing. I love your ideas. I commented earlir that I am looking for ideas for my upcoming school year. I might use some of your ideas for St. Patricks day in my classroom.

Here is the site.