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Unwrap the Magic of Christmas Dramatic Play

Create an engaging and exciting holiday-themed dramatic play center where little hands get busy and children transform into little elves at Santa’s Workshop! Picture this: an interactive space where little hands can try gift wrapping and shipping. Here’s a fun and engaging idea to turn your early childhood play space into a bustling North Pole Shipping Center, fostering creativity and literacy-rich play. Be sure to download and print the free North Pole Shipping Labels and stickers at the bottom of this post and Unwrap the Magic of Christmas Dramatic Play.

Unwrap the Magic of Christmas Dramatic Play

Set Up a Christmas Wrapping and Shipping Dramatic Play Space. Set the scene by decorating the work space with twinkling lights, colorful ribbons, and a touch of holiday decor. Incorporate a whimsical North Pole Shipping label as a backdrop, setting the stage for an immersive experience. Think cozy corners with craft paper, tape, and an assortment of colorful boxes – big and small – waiting to be transformed into magical presents.

Materials to Spark Imagination

Encourage children to let their creativity run wild! Provide an array of materials to ignite their imagination. Craft paper, wrapping tape, ribbons, stickers, stamps, and envelopes become their tools for storytelling and expression. Imagine the joy as they use stamps to “send” letters to Santa or seal envelopes destined for far-off lands. You can buy gift wrap, tape, gift tags, stickers and envelopes at the Dollar Tree, or I’ve linked some items for your convenience below.

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Blocks as Presents

What’s a North Pole Shipping Center without the presents? Introduce a unique twist by using building blocks as the gifts to be wrapped. Likely, you already have blocks; they are easy for children to handle and add a little weight to the “gifts.” The children won’t be disappointed that they’re not real gifts!

They have a great imagination and will be excited to decide what each block represents. Wrapping blocks inspires problem-solving and fine motor skills. It adds an element of surprise as each block represents a different imaginary gift waiting to be sent out to excited recipients.

Children can also wrap books or other toys. The dollar store also has decorative boxes for pretend presents and wrapping.

A Touch of Literacy

Infuse literacy into playtime by incorporating stickers with letters, numbers, and holiday-themed images. Engage children in writing and reading activities by introducing pretend shipping labels. Encourage them to match letters and numbers while creating imaginary addresses for their packaged “gifts.” Use Christmas-themed vocabulary cards in your center.

Holiday wrap activity bin

Holiday Wrap Cutting Activity Bin

Encourage practice and work on cutting goals by setting up a cutting bin with holiday wrapping paper, ribbon, and scissors. It’s a fun way to get children to use scissors and let them get their hands on wrapping paper that they usually don’t get to play with.

Encouraging Role-Play

Encourage role-playing by introducing various characters – from Santa’s cheerful helpers to enthusiastic mail carriers. Pretend play sparks collaborative play, allowing children to take on different roles fostering social skills and empathy as they engage in make-believe scenarios.

In creating a dramatic play space centered around gift wrapping and shipping at the North Pole, you’re not merely setting up a play area. You’re igniting imaginations, fostering creativity, promoting literacy, and nurturing crucial developmental skills in these young, eager minds.

I hope you’re inspired to set up a wrapping and shipping dramatic play center! Step into the world of Santa’s Workshop and witness the magic unfold as your preschoolers and toddlers embark on this thrilling adventure, learning through play every step of the way!

North Pole Books for Preschoolers

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Trim the Tree Dramatic Play

This exciting activity sparks imaginative play and nurtures the development of those tiny finger muscles, enhancing fine motor skills.

Add Santa Mail Stickers and North Pole Express Stickers

Use the North Pole Shipping Label or Santa Mail label for your Christmas packages from Santa. You can print these on regular paper and glue or tape them on a package. Or print them on adhesive paper to make stickers. There’s also a page of stickers that you can print and cut apart for the children to use in their Christmas package wrapping and shipping dramatic play center. The labels are so fun and real looking! The downlink is at the end of this post.

Unwrap the Magic of Christmas Dramatic Play North Pole Shipping Label with Stickers
Unwrap the Magic of Christmas Dramatic Play North Pole Shipping Label and Santa Mail  sticker labels
Unwrap the Magic of Christmas Dramatic Play North Pole Shipping Label and Santa Mail  sticker labels