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What Makes a Waterfall?

What makes a waterfall? Running or moving water, that moves or erodes rocks. It’s a place in a river where the water falls downward. The water may fall gently or powerfully.  Waterfalls are beautiful!

Alphabet Island Waterfall Art

Waterfalls are the focus for letter W of Experience Early Learning’s Alphabet Island theme. When we look at the waterfall Inspiration Photo, what do we see? Rocks. Water. Sun. A rainbow. Plants. Grass. What colors do you see in the photo?

How is the landscape layered? What is closest to you in the picture, and what is the farthest away? Using the materials provided, how you will make a waterfall?


  • coffee filter
  • pebbles
  • paper
  • background paper
  • scissors
  • glue

I demonstrated how I would make a waterfall. It’s not easy! Lots of elements in this picture and what should we start with? That’s a good way to begin – figure out what to start with. We started with the green part, the grass or the plants that are growing on the hill or mountain.    

We cut or folded the coffee filter to make it the running water. It already has the rippled edges that work for a waterfall.

Everyone was most interested in painting the rainbow.

Then we glued on pebbles.

This 2 year old was all about the glue and the pebbles! While it might not look like a “waterfall”, she thoroughly enjoyed the process, which is what it’s all about.

Love these interpretations of waterfalls!

This child was most interested in painting the coffee filter paper with liquid watercolors.

W is for Waterfall

Children love to color. The alphabet coloring book has been a hit. It’s one more way to reinforce the alphabet letters and sounds.

Water Falling Down

Using a familiar tune, London Bridges, we learned a new song. Adding movement always draws in little learners. I like these simple songs and fingerplays because it encourages children to make up their own songs. I always introduce the original song and we sing that first. So we sang London Bridges first, and then I sang the Water Falling Down song. Repeat and the children sing along. They catch on very quickly!

Water Block Tower

These little Investigation Station ideas build on the daily topic. It’s hands-on fun to apply concepts and see how it works. This one concentrates on scientific reasoning and fine motor skills. It’s play and it’s fun!

We used these shape builder things- not sure what they are called but we use them for purposes like this, outdoors. Perfect for building a waterfall and seeing the water pour down.

It’s hard to see in the photo but it’s actually fun to watch the water pour down and try it again.

Fall Waterfall

Music offers another way for children to learn. Mother Goose Time has the best original music for their themes!



Deep in the earth and high in the sky, water is all around us. Beautiful watercolor illustrations show the many locations of water on the Earth, from a salty tear to a winding river.

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