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Island Sunset Art

We’re finishing up our Alphabet Island theme for June, and I’m sad to see it end. It’s been a great theme for summer. During these warm months, we do a little less but we always do the art projects. The Island Sunset Art wowed me!

Experience Early Learning Preschool Curriculum Summer theme Island Sunset Art

Island Sunset Art

Where can you see a sunset? Sunsets are the most visible and so beautiful over the water. This is a great time to talk about reflection. The Experience Early Learning Daily Topic posters always include a question to prompt conversation.

Sunset daily topic poster Mother Goose Time

What colors can you see in a sunset? So many colors blend together!

Sunset Inspiration Photo Alphabet Island

For this project, I offered a variety of liquid watercolors, a piece of white paper and a black crayon. Glitter was also included for this Invitation to Create but we forgot about it and didn’t end up using it. That’s okay, though, their art didn’t need it!

Invitation to Create Island Sunset
Island Sunset Art

Drawing beautiful sunset looks and sounds overwhelming but it’s fairly easy! To prove this, I tried my hand at drawing the palm trees and scene myself (my drawing is not pictured) while describing my work and the children watched. I said, “The trees are just lines.” Everyone can draw lines. I explained that everything in the picture appears black or shaded in the sunset picture. It’s because of all the light and colors behind the trees.

Island Sunset Art

After drawing the scene with a black crayon, then we started to paint the sunset. 

Mother Goose Time Alphabet Island Island Sunset Art

What happens when you paint over the crayon? The paint “resists” or doesn’t color over the crayon!

My group always enjoys mixing colors so that was definitely part of the process as well. What does red and yellow make? See the small sun going down in the painting below?

Mother Goose Time Alphabet Island Island Sunset Art

I was blown away by their fabulous drawing and painting. This work was done by 3-5 year olds, 100% their own work.

Mother Goose Time Alphabet Island Island Sunset Art

Day is Done Song/Fingerplay

Day is done,
Day is done.
(Reach arms above head.)
It was fun,
It was fun.
(Swing arms side-to-side overhead.)
The sun sets in the sky,
(Squat low.)
It waves to us goodbye.
Day is done,
Day is done.
(Reach arms above head, then let them fall to the sides.)

Story Suggestion

The Legend of the Indian Paintbrush by Tomie dePaola goes along beautifully with the sunset theme.

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