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Yes Please, No Thank You Thanksgiving Manners for Kids

Here’s a little Thanksgiving Manners for Kids lesson, just in time for Thanksgiving. Talk about popular foods on the Thanksgiving menu, sort out favorites and learn how to politely accept or decline servings at dinner. A little role playing is fun and educational!

Download the Yes Please, No Thank You Thanksgiving Manners Printable at the bottom of this page.


Thanksgiving Manners for Kids

Using this Thanksgiving Manners for Kids printable and small paper plates, create “dishes” to pass and share. Teach children to say “yes please” or “no thank you” when offered a food.

Thanksgiving Manners for Kids


  • Print food pictures. (Cardstock recommended to hold up and store for use each year.)
  • Cut out pictures and glue onto small 6″ paper plates.


  1. Hold up food plate.
  2. Ask child to identify food.
  3. Ask if he/she likes it.
  4. If the child likes it, he/she says “Yes, please”. If not, “No thank you.”
  5. Child can pass the plate to child next to him/her and ask “Would you like some ___?” The other child can respond “Yes please” or “No thank you.”

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Download Yes Please, No Thank You Printable


Saturday 28th of May 2022

Thank you for sharing this idea! You are helping children with intellectual disabilities learn good manners in an easy way.

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