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I Am Thankful Turkey Thanksgiving Page For Kids

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and if you’re searching for a simple yet engaging activity for your preschoolers to add to your lesson plans, we’ve got you covered. Our “I Am Thankful Turkey Thanksgiving Printable Page” goes beyond turkey coloring pages is one of educators’ favorite Thanksgiving activities and a valuable way for young children to explore the concept of gratitude. The best part? It’s ready to go with a quick download and print!

This free printable thankful turkey page isn’t just a cute Thanksgiving craft; it also serves as a writing prompt supporting literacy development. The free template is a PDF file that includes several different options to print and is available in the download link at the bottom of the post. It’s the perfect activity during the busy holiday season to use in child care, preschool, or even with kindergarten students.

I Am Thankful Turkey Thanksgiving Printable Page

I Am Thankful Turkey Thanksgiving Printable Page

This versatile turkey-themed printable can be used in multiple ways, making it a great way to celebrate the Thanksgiving season. You can print and color the turkey as a coloring page, or you can opt for the color version and encourage children to write down what they are thankful for. Alternatively, choose the black and white version, perfect for little ones to color while they express their gratitude. Each feather provides a space for them to jot down something they are thankful for.

thanksgiving turkey gratitude page

Children may express they are thankful for different things, like their mom, dad, grandparents, home, bed, blanket, stuffed animal, pet, food, toys, and teachers. It’s an easy activity to prompt discussion about thankfulness.

colored turkey with "I am thankful for..."

Young children will need assistance in understanding thankfulness before we can prompt them to write on the tail feathers.  Discussions and stories can help children identify what they are thankful for.  

I am thankful for turkey black and white

Helping Children Understand Thankfulness at Thanksgiving Time

Here are some ways to make the most of this Thanksgiving printable with little learners:

1. Expressing Gratitude: Children can express their gratitude for a variety of things, such as their family, home, favorite toys, and even their teachers. Encourage them to explore their feelings of thankfulness.

2. Guiding Discussions: Young children might need a bit of guidance in understanding thankfulness. Engage them in conversations and stories that help them identify what they appreciate in their lives.

3. Learning Opportunities: Utilize the “I Am Thankful Turkey” printable as a tool to teach thankfulness. Here are some ideas:

  • Read Aloud: Share the picture book “Bear Says Thanks” with the kids to illustrate the concept of gratitude.
  • Sorting Wants vs. Needs: Use a learning pack to help kids differentiate between wants and needs. This can be a fun and educational activity.
  • Family/Group Activity: Create a list of things that everyone in the family or group is thankful for. This activity fosters a sense of togetherness and gratitude.
  • Model Gratitude: Encourage daily expressions of gratitude. Repeatedly using phrases like “I am thankful…” in conversations helps children grasp the meaning over time.

In the classroom, these pages can create an instant Thanksgiving bulletin board display. Alternatively, print pages to use at your Thanksgiving dinner table with family. Family members or older children can help younger children write down what they are thankful for on the turkey feathers. The whole family can participate! 

Download the I Am Thankful Preschool Page

Get the “I Am Thankful Preschool Page” Now

Ready to get started? You can download the free printable turkey template by clicking the link below. Print on plain paper or white card stock and layer on colored construction paper to make a border and create a keepsake-type page.


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Thanksgiving is a beautiful time to teach children about gratitude, and our “I Am Thankful Turkey Thanksgiving Printable Page” is an excellent resource to help you do just that. So, download it for a fun and meaningful Thanksgiving activity with your preschoolers. 🦃Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! 


Sunday 12th of November 2023

This is a great activity. I copy in color and make a laminated copy to show the kids and give them black and white paper. Been teaching k for 28 years. Thanks for this thoughtful idea and picture!


Tuesday 7th of November 2023

I am thankful turkey thanksgiving page for kids