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Chalkboard Thankful Handprint Turkeys

Every year we make handprint turkeys but I like to switch it up and make a unique version each time like this recycled + burlap keepsake or 2015’s Turkey at the Gate version. This year’s chalkboard thankful handprint turkeys turned out extra cute!


Chalkboard Thankful Handprint Turkeys


  • Chalkboard paint
  • 5×7 Craft Board – I bought mine at Michael’s Craft Store (ArtMinds Medium Laser Shape, .99/each)
  • Foam Brush
  • Acrylic Paints
  • Paintbrushes
  • Paper plate
  • Twine or yarn
  • Hot glue & gun
  • Stencil – optional (I made mine with my Silhouette machine)
  • Sharpie White Paint Pen


  1. Paint board with chalkboard paint and foam brush. Allow to dry.
  2. Put a small amount of paint in each color that you want to use on a paper plate.
  3. Using a different paintbrush for each color, paint the child’s hand.
  4. Press down on the board to make the print. Guide the child’s hand for a good clear handprint.
  5. Stencil or write “thankful” if desired.

I used Craft Smart paints from Michael’s. The chalkboard paint was sold separately. Acrylics are washable with soap and water so it comes right off skin and surfaces, like the table. Protect clothing, though.
I used Americana Chalkboard paint. A little goes a long ways so just get a small bottle. This one looks like it’s 2 oz. I used a foam brush to paint the boards. If you squirt a little paint in a paper cup, clean up is super easy.chalkboard-paint-1chalkboard-paint-2
I wasn’t too particular about painting the boards. Just make sure the whole surface is covered. I like the brush marks to go all the same direction. You may wish to apply some paint to the edges for a more finished look.chalkboard-paint-on-board
I pre-painted all the boards before making the handprints with my group. The chalkboard paint dries quickly.chalkboard-painted-boards
Put a small amount of paint in each color that you want to use on a paper plate. Using a different paintbrush for each color, paint the child’s hand. I do this quickly, talking to the child as I brush on the paint. Start with brown paint on the palm and thumb. “Let’s make a turkey. Here’s his body and his neck.” “How about we give him a blue feather?” and so on. This keeps the child’s attention and they like the story of making the turkey.
After the handprints dry, use a small brush to add details on the face and the legs. This goes very quickly and don’t worry, they all turn out cute – the shapes for the beak, wattle, and legs don’t have to be perfect – it’s very forgiving!chalkboard-handprint-turkeys
Next, I added a “thankful” stencil. I created the stencil on my Silhouette machine. You could handwrite it as well.
Ta-da! Here’s one of the finished chalkboard thankful turkeys. I used a white Sharpie paint pen for the lettering but you can also use paint.
I used a small length of twine hot glued to the back of the board, to make a little hanger. Be sure to write the child’s name and the year on the back for future reference. It will be a family keepsake for sure!
Sweet handmade decor for Thanksgiving that will be forever treasured!chalkboard-thankful-turkey-8
Prop it up, hang it on a nail or place it on an easel.chalkboard-thankful-turkey-12
Great gift for parents and grandparents.chalkboard-thankful-turkeys-1