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Bubbles and Boats

This month our Mother Goose Time theme is Bubbles Boats and Floats. It’s been a wet May so we’re making the best of this fun water-based theme. Despite the rain, we’ve been able to get outside and enjoy bubbles and boats!

playing outside in the rain with rain gear in preschool

One of the best things I’ve ever bought for my childcare are these Muddy Buddy wet suits and Croc boots! Now even if it’s wet out or lightly raining, we can go outside and play. Playing outdoors is essential to child development.

Bubbles and Boats

People always say kids should play outdoors in all kinds of weather but that isn’t always very practical. If everyone is wet and cold, it’s not fun to play outdoors. It’s not fun for me when we come in and everyone needs clean clothes and mud stains washed out!

bubble machine blowing bubbles bubbles and boats preschool theme

I decided to buy rain gear in a variety of sizes to keep on site so I always have them when we need them. The suits are roomy so a warm sweatshirt or jacket can be worn underneath if necessary. The boots are lightweight so they are easy for little ones to walk in. My group loves to wear the boots!

bubbles in the grass

Who doesn’t love to play with bubbles? I like bubbles machines because they get kids moving and prevents bubble bottles from being constantly dumped and wasted. We do use individual bubble bottles and wands though too.

One of my families gave us a cool bubble machine that plays music and spins. A fun way to play with bubbles!

Boats, Boats, Boats

Since we were already dressed for the rain, I set up the water tables with little boats to play with.

Floating boats in the sensory table bubbles and boats preschool activity

Boats float and that’s fun! Boats are used in various ways, such as for transportation, catching fish, and recreation.

Floating boats in the sensory table  preschool activity bubbles and boats

We have a couple different ones – a rescue boat, a ferry boat and a tug boat. They’ve gotten a lot of use this month!

boat toys for Bubbles and Boats and Floats theme
floating boats Bubbles and Boats and Floats theme

Rowing Down the River

Our book this month from Mother Goose Time is called Rowing Down the River. A little girl is rowing her boat down the river and collects a variety of river animals in her boat. It’s a great book to identify different creatures that might be found in a river, as well as rhyming words and repetition.

Rowing Down the River book from Experience Early Learning Mother Goose Time preschool curriculum Bubbles and Boats and Floats theme

Race to the Shore Boat Game

My group really enjoyed this game! Each child got their own game board and pieces. It’s a simple game, but they were very engaged while playing it.

Race to the shore boat game for preschoolers Bubbles and Boats

While they were playing they were also working on skills like matching, sorting and patterning skills.

Race to the shore boat game for preschoolers bubbles and boats

The cards are put face down. Then the child turns over one card and moves that colored boat one space. It’s fun to continue to to play until on of the boats has won! The kids were excited to tell me play by play which colored boat was winning!

Race to the shore boat game for preschoolers bubbles and boats

Floating Ducks

We had fun with this Table Top Math activity. Like boats, ducks float. Well, not these ducks, these duck manipulatives sink! No problem, we’ll make them a boat!

floating ducks math manipulatives game for preschoolers

Each child took a turn rolling the dice (kids didn’t like me calling it a “die”!) and placing that many ducks in the tin foil boat. It was fun to see how many ducks could float in the boat without sinking it. I’m a big fan of these fun games Mother Goose Time plans for us using simple materials and I know my kids are too!