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Soapy Bubbles Water Play

This month we’ve been learning about water through play with the Mother Goose Time’s Bubbles, Boats and Floats theme. The wonderful thing about water is there are so many ways to play in it!

Soapy Bubbles Water Play Preschool

Water play is open-ended and encourages learning in all developmental areas. Water play is inexpensive, readily available and so fun. It works indoors and outdoors. Messy yes, so outside play allows for even more freedom. I put our sensory table with the lid on, out on the deck next to the picnic table for table space.


I filled a bowl for each child with water and added a drop of dish soap. I offered spoons, whisks, a sieve, potato masher and spatulas for mixing and creating bubbles. That’s all! Mixing, spooning water and creating bubbles.

I used a small amount of Dawn dish soap. You could also use a no-tears shampoo for gentle bubbles. Use at your discretion with supervision.

Soapy Water

Then my crew decided to add the star builders that we keep on the deck for outdoor play. Great idea!


They pretended they were cooking. Soon the stars were candy and they just played with the water, utensils and shapes.

We’ll be doing this again this summer, over and over. Just add different manipulatives for variety.