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Bubbles Boats & Floats Preschool Theme

Our May theme is Bubbles Boats & Floats by Mother Goose Time. This is just a quick peek at some of the ways we’ve been learning about water through play.

This is the activity calendar that Mother Goose Time provides in the Members Resources to subscribers, that I customize for my child care. I put special event dates and that my center is going to be closed. It’s a great way to communicate with families about what their child will be doing. We don’t get to do all of these things (unfortunately), but it’s an overview, or scope and sequence.

Bubbles Boats & Floats Preschool Theme
The theme web gives us – the educators, the parents, and the children – an overview of what we’ll be learning. It helps us plan and coordinate lessons. I love that Mother Goose Time themes cover such a range of topics. It’s a great way to learn. Sometimes by the end of the month of a theme, it gets boring and children and teachers lose interest – not with Mother Goose Time because each week/day we’re covering a new aspect of the main theme.
Bubbles Boats & Floats Preschool Theme Web

Your children will love splashing up their imagination in this water filled theme. Experiment with what will sink and float. Children will make a mini canoe and create a pretend river. Take building lessons from a beaver, then swim on down to the lake. Fish for letters, count ducks and then hurry home to get squeaky clean. Fill a bucket with soapy water. Wash your hands, dishes and even a dirty dog. Water is an important natural resource. Your children will learn how to preserve, appreciate and protect our water. 

Included in the teacher tools each month is a planning journal.  Make your notes here. Circle, cross out, write in your child goals or reminders here.
Bubbles Boats & Floats Preschool Theme Planning Journal
Here’s a closer look at Week One of the Bubbles, Boats & Floats Preschool Theme planning journal page.

Bubbles Boats & Floats Preschool Theme week one

Check out these awesome daily child projects for the month! So exciting to look forward to doing them with the group!
daily child projects

During free time, a child made a boat drawing, inspired by our new theme.

boat drawing

Day 7 Sailboats: made with soup containers, a straw and paper. They float!

Bubbles Boats & Floats Preschool Theme

The first day of the Bubbles, Boats & Floats Preschool Theme – rivers. Lovely river art in progress!

Bubbles Boats & Floats Preschool Theme River Art project

River Art Collages

River Art collage

Looking at rocks. Leaving out a tray of rocks offers the children time to explore them, inspect their differences and create beautiful sculptures! Hands-on learning at it’s best!

Rock sculpture

During our Chalk Rocks activity, a 2 year old counts his rocks:counting rocks

Another water play idea that fits in with our theme: Alphabet Soup Sensory Play. The alphabet soup set is from Discount School Supply – unfortunately, it’s a discontinued set but you can certainly put together your own set with ladles, bowls, and foam alphabet letters.alphabet soup sensory play set

Another sensory play set – little boat counters manipulatives sent with the Bubbles, Boats & Floats Preschool Theme kit. Also pictured is the Green Toys My First Tugboat and Green Toys Ferry Boat with Mini Cars. I soooo want the Rescue Boat with Helicopter and the Green Toys Submarine
boat sensory bin

duck headband

More Bubbles Boats & Floats Preschool Theme Ideas from Mother Goose Time Bloggers

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Just announced! Mother Goose Time’s 2016/17 Themes!
2016-2017 thematic studies #MGTblogger

Why themes? 

Themes help preschoolers build connections through authentic experiences. Instead of having a day of disjointed activities where children, for example, participate in a counting activity, color a letter B and listen to a random story, themes weave together the experiences around a cohesive experience.


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