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Colors of a Monarch

During week four of Bees and Butterflies Mother Goose Time Theme, we learned about monarch butterflies. We have been learning about the life cycle of the butterfly and now we’re learning about specific butterflies. One of our art activities really became a focus on the Colors of a Monarch.


The Colors of a Monarch Activities

Colors of a Monarch

We learned that monarchs migrate many miles to warmer weather. For art, we made migrating butterflies.  We looked at pictures of butterflies and talked about what symmetrical means. Using the attribute blocks, I made a design on one side of the butterfly and each child took a turn creating the same design on the other side of the butterfly.

symmetrical butterfly tangram shapes block activity from Mother Goose time Colors of a Monarch lesson

Then taking the idea of symmetry to painting butterfly shapes, I showed them how they could paint one wing of the butterfly…

painting the Colors of a Monarch
making a butterfly the Colors of a Monarch
Colors of a Monarch painting

and then fold it in half…. to create the same pattern on the other side.

Colors of a Monarch butterfly painted shape symmetrical

I guess this lesson stuck because one 4-year-old went home and pointed out a house. She said, “That house is symmetrical.” Excellent!

Colors of a Monarch paints, trays and brushes

Usually, I allow each child to choose their own colors when we paint, but this time, we talked about the colors of a monarch. We painted with black, gold and two shades of orange paint.

Colors of a Monarch

Every butterfly had a slightly different color combination after mixing paint.

Children painting Colors of a Monarch

This girl said, “I’m going to try painting like this!”

Colors of a Monarch paintings

The result of painting monarch butterflies:

Colors of a Monarch butterfly ribbon wand

After the butterflies dried, I taped them to a ribbon and tied it onto a craft stick. Then the butterflies could fly!

Colors of a Monarch butterflies on a ribbon

We had lots of leftover paint and the kids still wanted to paint so I gave them some blank paper. This is one of the beautiful paintings – a butterfly of course!

Colors of a Monarch preschool painting

The colors of a monarch make attractive paintings!

Colors of a Monarch painting

This one is just fabulous, with the gold shimmer paint.

Colors of a Monarch

I was highly impressed with this boat painting as well. The 4-year-old painted it — vertically — the paper was turned sideways, to the left and he painted the boat that way. That seems challenging to me, to envision a boat horizontally in his mind and paint it vertically! Love it.

Colors of a Monarch

That afternoon, we spotted this lovely butterfly on a dandelion. It’s not a monarch but the colors are similar. The first butterfly and first dandelion of spring!

Colors of a Monarch

I hope our little lesson on the colors of a monarch inspires you to make some lovely paintings. We enjoy these books and toys in our room. The butterfly wings are used daily!