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Free Name Search Letter Pages

Teaching children to recognize and write the letters in their names is an exciting journey that leads to further letter identification and eventually reading. In this blog post, I provide you with a Free Printable Name Search Letter Pages Template, a great resource to create a fun and engaging activity to enhance identifying letters of names. It’s just another way to teach little learners the letters of their name and in the process produce documentation you can add to the child’s portfolio. Create personalized name search pages for preschoolers to learn the letters of their names.

pin for Name Serach letter pages - for name recognition activity in preschool

Start with Their Name

Begin by introducing the child to the letters in their name. Point out each letter and say its name. Make it a game by clapping or snapping your fingers as you say each letter. Encourage the child to repeat after you. This helps them establish a connection between the sounds and the visual representation of the letters.

The beginning of the school year is the perfect time to introduce names on name tags, cubbies and supplies. Also try painting names and decorating names with tape or collage with paper.

Free Name Search Letter Pages Template example
Preview of the Free Printable Name Search Letter Pages

How to Use the Free Name Search Letter Pages

Follow the step-by-step directions to create personalized name search letter pages for each child in your program. It’s simple and it’s free!

Design the Template: I’ve already done most of the work for you! Use the directions below to open, save, edit and print your name letter pages.

Time needed: 10 minutes

How to Create Your Own Name Search Letter Pages

  1. Download the Name Search Letter Pages Template

    Click on the button below to download the Name Search Letter Pages Template. It will open in Google Slides and ask you to make a copy. Click “Make a copy.” Rename your copy with your child’s name or your class name.

  2. Edit the letters on the page to match the child’s name.

    Click a letter and change it to match the child’s name so the appropriate letters are included.

  3. Click on the name box and type the child’s name.

    Simply click on the child’s name box and change the text as needed. The font used in the template is Century Gothic. You may change the font if desired. Create more than one version so you an reuse the form and make it more challenging.

  4. Add another name.

    To make another name page, right click on a page and click “duplicate.” Edit the page again.

  5. Print.

    Print as many copies as you need.

Personalize the Search: Ensure that the letters in the grid are the same as the letters in the child’s name. This personalization adds a special touch to the activity.

Tips for Using the Name Search Pages

Exploration and Discover: Give the child the editable template and encourage them to explore. Explain that they are on a mission to find the letters of their name hidden on the page.

Guidance and Encouragement: As the child finds each letter in their name, celebrate their discovery. You can say things like, “Awesome! You found the ‘A’ in your name!” This positive reinforcement keeps them motivated.

Creative Expression: Allow the child to express their creativity. They can choose to circle the letters, color them in with their favorite colors, or use dot markers to make colorful dots around each letter. You may need to demonstrate what the child should do once they find their letters.

Repeat and Reinforce: Offer different templates with the letters of their name arranged in various ways. Repetition is key to reinforcing letter recognition.

Collaborative Play: For added fun, you can join in the search. You can take turns finding letters and marking them together, fostering a sense of teamwork. Encourage the child to look for additional letters or words they may recognize.

Track Progress: Keep track of how many times they successfully complete the search. This can be a motivating factor for children as they strive to beat their previous records. Date the page and write notes about the child’s experience. This form can be added to their portfolio.

Make Variations: To keep the activity fresh, you can create variations, such as using lowercase letters, introducing the letters of the child’s last name, or trying sight words.

Create your own Name Search Letter Pages

Easy to edit the forms in Google Slides

Editable templates for letter searches not only enhance letter recognition but also encourage fine motor skills and creativity. Plus, the sense of accomplishment as they find and mark their name’s letters is a wonderful confidence booster. Happy searching and learning! 🌈