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Free Printable My Color Book Coloring Pages Activity

Teach color recognition skills and color words to preschoolers with this Free Printable My Color Book Coloring Pages Activity. The coloring book consists of six pages with color names and objects that coordinate with each color. The basic colors are included: yellow, purple, red, blue, orange and green. You can either print the whole book or use the PDF file as individual pages if you are focusing on a particular color as you explore colors throughout the year. See a preview of the printable pages below and find the download link at the bottom of the post. 

Teaching Color Recognition

Teaching children color recognition comes naturally as we point out and describe objects in the environment and through everyday experiences to help children understand the world around them. Start by introducing primary colors like red, blue, and yellow, with real-world examples like apples, the sky, and school buses.

Children learn best through hands-on experiences, so offer colorful paints for finger painting and encourage creativity with art projects where they can freely explore and name the colors they use.

Play “I Spy”, sing color songs or read books about colors. Go on a color scavenger hunt! Use the Free Printable My Color Book Coloring Pages Activity to reinforce color recognition and naming skills for a fun way to teach colors with little prep work and basic art supplies.

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Benefits of Coloring

Engaging in coloring activities is not just busy work for preschoolers; it’s a valuable tool for their development. As little hands grip crayons or colored pencils and carefully navigate within the lines, they’re also enhancing their fine motor skills.

It seems simple, but coloring promotes the fine motor skill development and control needed for tasks like writing and tying shoelaces in the future. 

Coloring also nurtures attention and persistence. It encourages young children to focus on the task at hand, teaching them the art of patience as they work diligently to color their pages.

Coloring can be relaxing and stress-relieving for children. 

Coloring supports creativity and helps children understand what each color represents.

My Color Book Cover Page

My Color Book booklet with crayons around the edge

My Color Book Cover page features one object from each color page:

  • yellow: sun
  • purple: grapes
  • red: stop sign
  • blue: jeans
  • orange: basketball
  • green: turtle

Make a booklet if desired, by creating a cardstock binding and stapling the pages together.

Yellow Coloring Page

Lemons, ducklings, sunshine and bananas are yellow.

yellow coloring page featuring a lemon, ducky, sun and bananas

Green Coloring Page

green coloring page featuring leaves, turtle, frog and broccoli

Leaves, turtles, frogs and broccoli are green.

Blue Coloring Page

Jeans, whales, robin eggs and blueberries are blue.

blue coloring page featuring jeans, robin egg, whale and blueberries

Red Coloring Page

red coloring page featuring apples, strawberries, stop sign, and ladybug

Apples, strawberries, stop signs and ladybugs are red.

Orange Coloring Page

Oranges, monarch butterflies, basketballs and pumpkins are orange.

orange coloring page featuring an orange, pumpking, basketball and monarch butterfly

Purple Coloring Page

purple coloring page featuring grapes, jam, plum and violets

Grapes, jam, plums and violets are purple.

Download the My Color Book Coloring Pages

Print booklets in full size pages or half pages.

corinna bryant

Friday 22nd of September 2023