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6 Free Tree Templates with Rhymes Printables for Crafts

Celebrate the seasons and make quick, creative art with these seasonal tree templates! These free tree templates feature different types of tree shapes and capture the flavor of the seasons, perfect for flexible classroom use. Use the tree templates in different ways for different crafts. Print the full-page printable outlines and create with a blend of fingerprint art, coloring, and even collaging. Kids of all ages will enjoy creating their own version of a tree.

Seasonal Art & Craft Tree Templates

These templates aren’t just art activities on a piece of paper; they include literacy and help children develop fine motor skills as they fingerprint or glue on pom poms, so they are perfect for educational use. 

The free printable tree templates are provided in a PDF file for you to download and print at the end of this post. These tree craft ideas help educators provide a school project and are a fun way to acknowledge the season will be keepsakes for family members for years to come.

Spring Tree Art

Use the spring tree template to bring to life the delicate blossoms with pink and white fingerprints.

It is Spring: Create a spring tree. Print on cardstock – color or paint tree. Add pink and white flower blossom fingerprints to the tree.
Alternate suggestion: add tissue paper flowers for dimension and texture. Working with tissue paper helps children develop finger motor skills and patience.

The spring tree template features the following rhyme: It’s Spring! I can see leaves on the trees, I can hear birds and bees, And the flowers are growing too!

Summer Tree Art

Create a summer tree. Embrace the vibrant hues of Summer by crafting leaves with varying shades of green, and teach the words of the ever-popular song “I Am A Tree.” Print on cardstock. Use various shades of green paint to add finger print green leaves.

Alternate suggestion: dot with a Q-tip, pom pom or stamp with a wood spool.

This template features of words of a song, I Am A Tree by Nancy Kopman: I am a tree and I stand so tall. I have great big branches and little branches small. I love the Earth and the Earth loves me.

This template is perfect for creating art for celebrating Earth Day or creating a simple family tree. Just add the child’s family names.

Fall Trees Craft Ideas

Transition into autumn with fall crafts by using the bare tree template or create a family tree chart for your All About Me theme. Nothing says fall like apple trees decorated with tiny red fingerprint apples. Or collage the tree with small pieces of torn construction paper and lots of leaves. 

Create an autumn tree. Print on cardstock and add finger print leaves in fall paint colors.

Alternate suggestion: try creating 3-dimensional art by collaging with tissue paper and sequins for leaves. Add a touch of nature with real leaves.

The fall tree rhyme says: The leaves are falling, The leaves are falling, Watch them twirl around. The leaves are falling, The leaves are falling, Gently to the ground.

Make an apple tree. Print on cardstock: paint or color tree. Add red fingerprints to make apples. The fall apple tree rhyme says: A is for apple, round and sweet. Red, yellow, and green apples, So good to eat!

Alternate suggestion: add red apple stickers.

Winter & Christmas Tree Templates

Trees are at the center of Christmas traditions. Decorate a Christmas tree shape with twinkling lights. And when the world turns into a winter wonderland, create a serene snow-covered tree in a forest using white finger paint and a sprinkle of glitter.

Make a Christmas tree. Print Christmas tree template on cardstock. Finger paint with green paint. Add colorful finger prints for lights on the tree.

Alternate suggestion: paint with Q-tips.

The Christmas tree outline template reads: Down by the tree farm, where the evergreen grows, Is a home to many things, and in that tree, You just might find a pretty little bird singing the sweetest song you ever heard.

Create a winter tree. Print on green cardstock. Finger paint with white paint. Sprinkle with glitter or paint with glitter paint.

The winter tree rhyme says: Snow-covered forest, quiet and still, white frosty pillow, wintery quilt. Moonlight is sparkling, pond swept with ice, snow-covered forest magical sight.


Click to download the tree templates with rhymes printables and use them for finger painting, coloring and crafts.

Directions for Creating Arts & Crafts with the Tree Templates

Time needed: 30 minutes

Creating a Seasonal Tree Painting with Tree Templates

  1. Download printable templates.

    Click on Tree Templates download button to download the printable pages.

  2. Print the desired template on cardstock.

    Print one or all of the tree templates on cardstock for best results.

  3. Offer the tree template and paint that coordinates with the tree you are painting.

    Provide children with a small amount of each color of paint on a paper plate for them to dip their fingers into for fingerprinting the tree template. You may want to offer one color at a time for desired results. Example: First, paint the tree green. Allow it to dry. Then, add red fingerprints for apples.

Tree Books

Toys for a Tree Theme

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