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Giraffe Printable Activities

🌿Take a wild and wonderful journey into the world of giraffes! These gentle giants, with their long necks and distinctive spots, capture the imagination of children like few other animals can. This giraffe printable activities pack includes parts of a giraffe vocabulary, dot-to-dot challenges, color-by-number fun, creative cut-and-paste crafts, word scrambles, word searches, and a Giraffe Life Cycle. Enjoy learning about giraffes!

Giraffe Printable Activities

Along with the printable activities provided in this post, try Using Binoculars on Safari or make a Safari Habitat Sensory Bin or play a giraffe spots number game.

parts of a giraffe printable poster

Parts of a Giraffe

From the horns to the hooves, label the parts of a giraffe. Color the page and learn new vocabulary!

Giraffe Dot to Dot

Connect the dots on this cute giraffe dot to dot page and then color.

giraffe dot to dot
Giraffe cut and paste art page

Giraffe Cut and Paste Craft

Make your own giraffe with this cut-and-paste page. First, print, then color and cut. Glue the giraffe parts together.

Giraffe Vocabulary Word Scramble

This could be challenging! Explore giraffe vocabulary and unscramble the words.

Giraffe vocabulary word scramble
Giraffe vocabulary wordsearch

Giraffe Wordsearch

Enjoy searching for giraffe vocabulary with this Giraffe Wordsearch printable page.

Giraffe Life Cycle Poster

Learn how a giraffe grows. Color and display the poster.

Giraffe life cycle poster
Girffe Life Cycle printable activity page

Giraffe Life Cycle Sequencing

Cut out the four giraffe life cycle cards and put them in order on the chart.


Download and print!