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Lilla Rose Hairband Review & Giveaway

Disclaimer:  While I was  provided with free product for this Lilla Rose Hairband Review, all thoughts & opinions are 100% mine.

I’m back with another review of a Lilla Rose product. See below how to enter to win a free item! I reviewed the Flexi Clip in December and really enjoy wearing it. This time I’m reviewing the Lilla Rose Hairbands.



Lilla Rose Hairband Review

I wear those basic black hairbands a lot so I thought I might like some of these fancier Lilla Rose hairbands. This is the hairband I chose to review – the Dusky Plum. It’s beautiful! It’s “so me” – colors I wear often and go well with my hair coloring… you can see how it is. I ordered it with a black standard size elastic. I was concerned that it would fit me, stay on my head AND feel comfortable. Guess what?? It’s just right in all three ways! I like that the elastic is adjustable so I can get it on my head and then tighten it until it’s comfortable.

lilla rose hairbands  Dusky plum hair band Lilla Rose

I thought I’d end up wearing it more often for special occasions, but guess what?! I wear it most often during the week, while working or for more casual events, like shopping. So if you showed up at my door right now, this is what I would look like. I think the Lilla Rose Hairbands are perfect for ANY TIME! They are very pretty and very comfortable. Mine stays put.

Yes, I smoothed out my skin on this photo (and not very well I’m sure.) No, I don’t like featuring photos of myself but here goes….!

Lilla Rose Hairband Review

I most often wear my hair back in a pony tail because I’m busy and rushed so I don’t spend much time on my hair in the morning. This is good as it gets most days. The Lilla Rose hairband adds a little something special.

Lilla Rose Hairband Review

It’s pretty with your hair down too.Lilla Rose Hairband Review

This is another style I do often. It’s just a french twist with the ends left out. I have naturally curly hair so this is quick and easy.hb4

I love my new hairband from Lilla Rose and am definitely going to order more! Now to decide which ones.Lilla Rose Hairband Review

There’s lots of ways to wear the hairbands so they’re very versatile. I’ve found many tutorials on YouTube for using Lilla Rose products as well. I need to spend some time checking them out and switch up my hair styles.

LIlla rose hairband ideas

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Do you wear Lilla Rose hair products? Which is your favorite? Please share, I’d like to check it out!

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