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Mason Jar Class Valentine Cards

My 4th grader still thought it was okay for me to make his valentine cards which makes me very happy! I would bet this is the last year… I’m not sure if they do valentine’s in 5th & 6th grade yet or not but he might not want something so cutesy next year.

Mason Jar Class Valentine Cards

Mason Jar Class Valentine Cards

We started out with the sweet tart suckers and needed to create a valentine to include them. I loved the mason jar printable on dandee. I revised it a little for our design. I love how they look printed on the bright colored cardstock.  It was a trick to get the double sided pages to print the correct direction and have them line up as needed but it worked out. We taped the suckers on with washi tape but that didn’t hold them well enough so we used regular tape with the decorative washi over top.

I ♥ how Brett said “It seems like some of these should be more special for my best friends” so he wrote a note on some of them and added special stickers. Happy ♥ Day!

Karin Copperwood

Tuesday 21st of January 2014

Hi there! I loved this! I posted a link to it in my post 5 Valentines Gifts from Mason Jars. Check it out at Great idea. I will be making these for my classroom!