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Nature Sachet Air Fresheners

Learning about the air in preschool with Experience Early Learning’s nature theme has been super fun! Think about it – wind, sense of smell, balloons, colors in the air (rainbows), things that float, and listening to the air – all exciting things for a child to experience.

Nature Sachet Air Fresheners

Nature Sachet Air Fresheners

Our nature sachet air fresheners are filled with dried lavender, bee balm, mint, and a day lily blooms.

Nature Sachet Air Fresheners

Nature sachets

What is your favorite smell? Least favorite smell? These are good questions open-ended questions to ask young children about air and using their sense of smell.

There are good smells and bad smells. We like to breathe in fresh air. Along with these lessons, we made air fresheners out of nature items.

We started with little sachet bags provided in our Experience Early Learning kit. We added a spoonful of dried lavender. *sniff*! Mmm, smells good! Then we went outside and looked for nature items to add to our sachets. We found small flowering weeds, clover, mint, lemon thyme, bee balm, and lilies.

collecting items for air fresheners
I started a small scented garden. So far we just have lemon thyme and mint but they are lovely and fun to smell! There are other fragrant plants around the yard throughout the summer too.
Nature Sachet Air Fresheners
The sachets were such a fun exploration of nature using our senses. They are like little treasures! The kids were so proud of them and the moms enjoyed them too.

Other Ways to Learn About Air

Explore how air moves, listening to the air and colors in the air through the following playful activities.

Playing with scarves and a fan

Make your own wind lab with a fan and a variety of paper, fabric, and containers to make a sound testing area. Invited children to explore blowing on the items or holding them up to the fan to hear different sounds. Everyone likes to make sounds with the fan! Ours is super safe with a small grid covering the fan blades. It’s perfect on a stand that can be adjusted to different heights. Try floating scarves and feathers. Children will repeat this over and over!
Learning about air with scarves & fan #MGTblogger

Making Hot Air Balloons

How about these adorable 3D hot air balloons?! We used stickers to decorate our hot air balloons. Then we played with them. What fits in the basket? What can you take on a floating adventure? They look amazing hanging on our mobile too.
Hot Air Balloon crafts

Spin & Paint Rainbows

Spin the wheel and see what color you get. Then paint that color on your page. Some made rainbows, others painted different areas on their paper.
Spin & Paint Rainbows

More Nature Activities

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I received curriculum from Experience Early Learning for honest and authentic stories resulting from my daily experiences using the curriculum. As a user of Experience Preschool for many years, I am pleased to share quality educational experiences. #sponsored #ExperienceEarlyLearning