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Painting with Dinosaurs

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Painting with Dinosaurs is definitely about the process, not the product. I was a little disappointed in the end result of painting with the dinosaurs but the kids enjoyed it. I noticed that they tried a variety of things – painting with the feet and then the tails. They tried pushing down harder to make a mark or dragging the dinosaur to make prints. I saw them really checking out the dinosaurs, talking about then or sticking their fingers in the open mouths. At pick up time, I heard one child tell his mom “We painted with dinosaurs!”Painting with Dinosaurs

Painting with dinosaurs is simple. You just need paper, paper plate, paint and dinosaurs. We used all different colors of tempera paint. I usually let the children decide which color they would like or put a variety of colors out for them to share. I help them move the plates so they can share the paint colors. It’s always a busy time, but it works.Painting with Dinosaurs

Painting with various tools allows for exploration and problem solving, which is vital in the early years. Such a simple way to be creative and have fun with dinosaurs!Painting with DinosaursPainting with DinosaursPainting with DinosaursPainting with DinosaursPainting with DinosaursPainting with Dinosaurs 

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