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Learning About Dinosaurs

This month we’ve been learning about dinosaurs. Kids love dinosaurs and there are lots of fun ways to learn about them.

Learning About Dinosaurs

Pretending to be paleontologists. This is a Mother Goose Time kit activity, with paper trays and dinosaur skeletons. We assembled the trays and sprinkled sand over the paper skeleton. Using paint brushes, the children pretended to be paleontologists and discovered dinosaur bones. Very fun!
Learning About Dinosaurs paleontologistLearning About Dinosaurs

We even had field notes booklets to make drawings, write alphabet drawings or just make marks in. Kids love having their own notebooks and pencils!
Learning About Dinosaurs SkeletonLearning About Dinosaurs Paleontologist Field Notes

Dinosaur magnet puzzle

Learning About Dinosaurs Dinosaur magnet puzzle
Painting purple dinosaursLearning About Dinosaurs Painting Purple Dinosaurs
Looking at dinosaur booksLearning About Dinosaurs dinosaur book
Learning about fossils
Learning About Dinosaurs Learning about fossils
Writing our names like dinosaur namesLearning About Dinosaurs dinosaur names
Digging for bones
Learning About Dinosaurs Digging for Bones
Dot art dinosaurs – dinosaurs were all different shapes and colors {well, maybe not this colorful!}
Learning About Dinosaurs Dot Art dinosaursLearning About Dinosaurs Dot art dinosaursLearning About Dinosaurs painting purple dinosaurs
Dinosaur words
Learning About Dinosaurs dinosaur words
Painting dinosaur bone shapes (cardstock bone shape taped to paper tube)Learning About Dinosaurs Painting dinosaur bonesLearning About Dinosaurs bone paintings
Playing with magnets/one to one correspondence (templates from 123 Learn Curriculum)

Learning About Dinosaurs Magnetic activityLearning About Dinosaurs Magnetic activity

Playing with dinosaurs

Learning About Dinosaurs

Learning about dinosaurs is fun!

More Dinosaur Activities

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Wednesday 17th of June 2015

[…] do a “dinosaur dig“ […]


Friday 11th of May 2012

Where did you find the Pretending to be paleontologists activity? (The first three pictures of this post.) Thanks!


Friday 11th of May 2012

Oh, too bad. I don't subscribe to any curriculum; I'm just looking for a fun, small cost dino activity! I think I'll have to create a similar activity on my own. :)


Friday 11th of May 2012

This was an activity included with the Mother Goose Time curriculum.

Stacy@{share and remember}

Monday 23rd of January 2012

Thanks for the comment. I should check, I think I have a bone cookie cutter as well. : ) This was an activity included with the Mother Goose Time curriculum.

Melissa {AllSewnUp}

Wednesday 18th of January 2012

great activities, I love the first one, so smart. I have a dog bone cookie cutter set that we've used during our dino-unit to paint with and to cut playdough.