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Paper Bird Nests

April was a beautiful month here in Wisconsin. It’s truly nesting season here. We watched the birds return and start searching for materials to build their nests. It was a perfect time for us to study Birds & Eggs with Mother Goose Time. Our first activity involved making paper bird nests. A nest is an amazing creation. It’s the bird’s home, where they lay their eggs and a hatchling’s safe haven. The paper bird nests inspired our Hello Spring Tree Wall Display.

We were so lucky to have not one, but TWO, beautiful bird nests in a shrub just outside our window this spring. The first is a cardinal’s nest. It’s it gorgeous??

Cardinal bird nest with eggs

Then a robin came and built a nest in the same shrub, just a couple feet away from the cardinal’s. Nests are such a work of art and the blue eggs are so pretty!

Blue robin eggs in nest

Paper Bird Nests

The materials we used for the bird nests came from Mother Goose Time in the Birds & Eggs kit (April 2017). You need a paper lunch bag, cardstock, shredded crinkle paper, scissors, stapler, and glue.

First, open your paper lunch bag like this:

cut open paper lunch bag

Crinkle it up on the long side, like this:

fold up paper bag

Fold the ends together and staple it together. staple the ends of the bag together

Squeeze glue generously around the bottom of the nest.glue paper bag to cardstock

Place it on a piece of cardstock.nest on cardstock base

Cut around the edge.cut around bottom of the nest

Children can add the crinkle paper to the inside of the nest. add crinkle paper to nest

Have them generously squeeze glue inside and add the crinkled paper. It will hold together after it dries. If they say “it’s hard”, “it doesn’t want to stick” and are frustrated, talk about how difficult it must be for a bird to make a nest! First, they have to gather all the materials and then wrap it around so perfect to make a beautiful nest. This filler paper is the soft spot where they will sit and lay their eggs on.

A pretty little paper nest!

We decorated our nests with paper leaves, a brown yarn “worm”, a feather, and pom pom eggs.

robin Paper Bird Nests

Here is the beginning of our spring tree display.spring tree wall display preschool

We enjoyed our bird nest display all April and May. It was lovely! Paper Bird Nests

Download a copy of my Robin Egg to Bird poster here.