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Robin Poster From Egg to Bird

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Each spring, we enjoy watching the robins return to Wisconsin. It’s a sure sign of spring! Well, except maybe this year when they arrived at the end of February, that was a bit early! We always have least one pair of robins make a nest in our yard. It seems like after a rain they start making a nest with the mud and grasses.

It’s amazing how fast they create their nest and how perfect and beautiful it is. Currently, we have a nest on one of the eves by the garage. It’s a perfect spot because we can see that a bird is in the nest but they are undisturbed by all the coming and going of families to child care and children playing.

This Robin Poster From Egg to Bird, is a great addition to your spring science center or Bird and Egg preschool theme. We had the opportunity to watch a nest up close so I took photos of the eggs, little hatchlings, baby birds with their mouths open and then a very full nest! Robins change and grow very quickly,

Below is a free printable Robin Poster From Egg to Bird showing the development of a robin.

Robin Poster From Egg to Bird


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