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Beach Day Cupcakes

Planning a day at the beach or a beach themed birthday party? Beach day cupcakes are fun for any summer day and kids love to help make them! Cupcakes are always a treat but cupcakes with candy and gum on them?? A sure hit with the kids!

cupcakes with cracker sand, umbrellas and candies

Beach Day Cupcakes


ingredients for beach day cupcakes


Frost the cupcakes and sprinkle crushed graham crackers all over to resemble sand.

crushed graham crackers for sand on cupcakes

Cut small rectangular pieces of the Air Heads candy for the beach towels.

Lay a beach towel on each cupcake and lay a Sour Patch kid on each towel.

Place an umbrella, a gumball, and 2 little Pez candies on each cupcake. These resemble a volleyball/ball and a pair of flip flops.

An optional step: use an edible writing pen to dot on eyes and a mouth on the sour patch kids and draw little straps on the Pez candy so they look more like flip flops.

candy for decorating cupcakes

Fun and great for summer parties!

finished Beach Day Cupcakes

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