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Recent Instagrams

Here are some of my recent Instagram pictures, not in any order.


1.  Morning glories are blooming   2. Homemade salsa  3. Last day of slip n side fun

stormy&brettsleepsweet stormycherryberry

1. Home after a weekend away.   2. Stormy napping in the middle of day care   3. Our first time at CherryBerry!

daylilydear photo bookrosebouquet

1. Daylily in the morning   2. Dear Photograph book     3.  Rose Bouquet


1. Riding the skateboard down the driveway    2. My two babies    3.  Now the wagon!

Here’s something you can do with your Instagram pics! I designed a Casetagram cell phone cover with my Instagram pictures for my phone. You can design your own at Casetagram. I am impressed at how well it’s made. It’s a slim, hard shell, snap on case. The pictures are printed on it – they are not stickers. I love it! Designed just for an Instagram junkie like me. *Only thing I don’t like is that it ships from Singapore…