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Make a Ultra Super Awesome Shark Clothespin Magnet

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This guy has so much personality! A shark clothespin magnet could be a fun summer craft for school agers or an addition to an ocean theme. A magnet holds it to the fridge, magnetic board or filing cabinet. They are simple to make so make several and pass them on to someone unsuspecting!

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two sharks made out of clothespins with blue and green background

Shark Clothespin Magnet

Gather some supplies – it’s time to craft! Acrylic paint dries fast so these little guys come together in no time. Be sure to supervise with the hot glue, otherwise, use a strong craft glue with younger ones.

glue gun, paint, brush, clips and scissors for shark clip craft


  • Clothespins
  • Poster Board
  • Red & Gray Paint
  • Paint Brush
  • Scissors
  • Google Eyes
  • Hot Glue
  • Magnets

Begin by painting your clothespins gray. Set aside and allow your clothespins to dry completely.

painting clothespins gray
Cut out one dorsal fin, one tail fin and two pectoral fins for each shark you make from white poster board. Remember, it doesn’t need to be perfect! Make sure you cut the tail fin flat towards the bottom so that your shark sits right.

fins for clothespin shark
Glue your fins in place with hot glue and paint them gray.

painted shark clip magnet
Squeeze open your shark and paint the inside of its mouth red.
Using scraps of white poster board, create shark teeth by zig zagging your scissors. Hot glue in place.

cutting teeth for shark magnet clip
Hot glue googly eyes on top of your shark.

glue eyes on shark clip
Turn over and hot glue a magnet onto the back of your shark.

glue magnet on shark clip

Your ultra, super awesome shark magnet is finished!

Shark Clothespin Magnet completed

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