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Simple Low Cost Updates for Your New Home

If you’ve been on the path to buying a new home, you’re probably overwhelmed with ideas, wants and needs for your new place. Here’s where you can do it yourself and save some money. Likely you can’t “do it all” right away, so here’s some simple, low cost updates for your new home that will give you the most bang for your buck.

Simple Low Cost Updates for Your New Home


Simple Low Cost Updates for Your New Home

Fresh Paint

paint samples, paint cans and brushes for home updates

Fresh paint can make all the difference and it’s an inexpensive way to change the look and make your rooms fit your personal style. White paint brightens and refreshes a space. Consider painting: paneling, walls, ceilings, and doors. Make the home “your own” by painting the front door your favorite color. It’s ideal to paint before you move in. If it has to wait until you’ve moved in, be sure to clear out the room or cover what stays while you paint. Take your time to prepare the surfaces. Fix holes, dents, and cracks. Wash the walls. Caulk along the cracks or trim. Tape or cut in carefully. You may need to prime the walls. Buy a quality paint – you don’t want to do this again for a while. Choose a quality brush and take your time.

Clean It Up

cleaning glass with cloth and spray

Just clean what’s there. Put in the time and effort now to make the best of what you have until you are able to replace it or change it to your liking.  Scrub the grout. Rake the yard. Trim the landscaping. Power wash the garage, siding and driveway. Pay attention to smells. Where are they coming from? Clean appliances (and under appliances), cabinets, counters, floors, walls, heating vents and wood trim. Hire a steam cleaning service to clean carpets.

Add or Change Hardware on Cabinets

glass front cabinet with shelves

In the bathrooms and kitchen, change or add hardware to the cabinets for an updated look. Simply loosen the screws and remove current hardware. Home improvement stores may have templates that serve as a guideline to line up standard holes on your drawer or door. Mark and pre-drill the holes carefully. Then fill any holes left by the old hardware with wood putty and paint that area. Attach new handles or pulls with screws.

Change the Lighting Fixtures

modern light fixtures

New lighting fixtures can take you out of an era and into a whole new style. While not inexpensive, a lighting fixture can make a statement and set the tone for the whole room. Update the lighting fixtures in your main living spaces and move to bedrooms and other rooms later. Changing light fixtures or light switches can seem a little scary if you’re doing an electrical project for the first time, but follow the directions on the package, look up directions online or enlist help from a friend. You can do it! Remember, safety first.

Add A Backsplash

kitchen sink backsplash window sill with herb garden

Putting in a backsplash in your kitchen is a great DIY project. Create a unique focal point in your kitchen by making a backsplash with wall tile. It’s a nice upgrade that’s not so expensive. Measure the wall, prep your workspace, prep the wall, pre-lay the tile, prepare and apply the mortar, lay the tile and dry and seal the tile. There are lots of tutorials online.

Plant Flowers or Shrubs

pruning shears trimming hedges

Access your landscaping. What do you like? Not like? Anything to remove? Cut back? Need color? Planting flowers or a couple new shrubs is fairly inexpensive and will add curb appeal to your new home. Don’t forget about potted plants on the front step or by the garage to add style and personality to your yard. Look for ideas on home improvement websites, sites like Pinterest or check out what your local landscaping and greenhouses offer.

Revive the Deck

deck with grill outdoor living

Clean the deck and restain or paint it. You will put in some hours but you’ll be rewarded with a lovely new place to enjoy with your family. Extend your living space into the outdoors by making your deck comfortable for eating, reading, relaxing or playing with the kids.

Protect your plants before you start. Take your time to clean the deck, scrape off old stains. Choose a deck stripper or cleaner. Work on a cool, overcast day for best results and apply a quality finish to protect your deck.

Enjoy your new home!