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T is for Tiger

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Original post from 2016. Content in curriculum kits vary from year to year.

T is for Tiger – stripes! The activity presented in the Experience Curriculum (formerly Mother Goose Time) A to Zoo Animals for letter T was different really, but I changed it up to fit my group. Instead of tearing a variety of papers to make stripes, we painted stripes with various colors and paint brushes. Occasionally it’s fun to do a group project and display a collective art effort.

T is for Tiger

I see the value in tearing paper, using the small hand muscles and going through the process of tearing and gluing. I knew my group would become frustrated with tearing paper into stripes and soon lose interest. They are always interested in painting!

T is for Tiger

We used a variety of colors of paint: black, brown, orange, gold, silver and yellow. I provided small and large brushes, foam brushes and Q-Tips for painting.

Look at the beautiful colors in this tiger:

Tiger card

T is for Tiger Stripes

T is for Tiger brushes and paints

The different brushes offer choices and the many colors allow for mixing and experimenting.

T is for Tiger art collage
T is for Tiger mixing paint
T is for Tiger preschoolers painting
T is for Tiger painting stripes
T is for Tiger stripes
T is for Tiger Stripes
T is for tiger masks

I love how it gets quiet when all of them are busy and engaged in their work. 
There’s not a lot of wall space free in my house, but this large wall in the kitchen works for putting up a large piece of paper for a group project. 
Even still, space is limited but it worked. I suppose every early childhood educator dreams of more space??  
This is reality – sharing, taking turns and considering one another – all skills we can work on while painting.
Lovely results! I have kept it on display and enjoy looking at the colors, which are so much more impressive in person.

We made tiger masks as well. Honestly, a couple of them are cute and a couple are, well, scary! 🙂


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I received curriculum from Experience Early Learning for honest and authentic stories resulting from my daily experiences using the curriculum. As a user of Experience Preschool for many years, I am pleased to share quality educational experiences. #sponsored #ExperienceEarlyLearning