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Outdoor Sights and Sounds of Winter

Outdoor Sights & Sounds of Winter Preschool ThemeWhat outdoor sights and sounds of winter can we find out? In week two of Sights and Sounds of Winter Mother Goose Time curriculum, we are going to be learning about animals, ice, owl, bells and winter birds. This post will show you what is all included in the Daily Discovery bags.  I’ve written about what was included in the first week of December’s curriculum here.

I want to say that even though the month of December is kind of crazy, trying to cover a full theme and incorporate special holiday activities, I like the routine that Mother Goose Time continues to offer our days. I feel it’s important to celebrate the holidays as children learn so much through what they can readily relate to, but preschool can be more than just celebrating holidays. We can do better than that. Children are capable of learning about so many more wonderful things than just the holidays and seasonal celebrations. The Sights and Sounds of Winter includes holiday and seasonal topics and yet covers a broader range.

Day 6 Animal Tracks: Daily topic poster, Reindeer Headband kit, Snow Tracks Story & Story Cards Animal Tracks game

This is a great topic. I’ve done this one several times with Mother Goose Time over the years. What a fun question with the Tracks in the Snow cards: “How would you feel if you saw bear tracks? What would you do?” The cards are more than matching or identification cards, they support listening comprehension and language skills. I’ve noticed there are many games included in the kits this year. Games encourage social relationship development, requiring turn taking, patience in waiting for a turn, learning to follow rules as well as learning about good sportsmanship.

Outdoor Sights and Sounds of Winter

Day 7 Ice: Daily topic poster, Icicle Drip Painting paper, glitter and eyedroppers, Ice Fishing Experiment science card

Notice how each day incorporates different skills. This day we’ll be learning about nature, using fine motor skills and scientific reasoning. There’s so much more to the curriculum than cute arts and crafts.

Outdoor Sights and Sounds of Winter

Day 8 Owl: Daily topic poster, Pass the Pattern guide & cards, Snow Owl Puppet, Owl Shapes Game

I appreciate that there is a mixture of realistic photos and art depictions in the materials we use. All of the images on the materials are high quality and attractive consistently each month. I laminate the pattern guide and cards and put them on a pocket card. They get more use this way during free time. How cute is that bear?!Outdoor Sights and Sounds of Winter

Day 9 Bells: Daily topic poster, Water Bells science card, Bell shaker craft, Counting ells #7 Counting Card

The water bells is a fun discovery activity that we’ve done before but it’s been a while. Bells – more music!

Outdoor Sights and Sounds of Winter

Day 10 Winter Birds: Daily topic poster, Vocabulary Builder Cards, Cardinal Scene art supplies, Bird Matching Game, Basic Needs Cards

I’m really looking forward to this one! The cardinal scene art is beautiful. I like the Basic Needs Cards. It invites conversation about our needs as well as the birds. We’ll put out fresh sunflower seeds in hopes of inviting Mr. Cardinal to our tree.
Outdoor Sights and Sounds of Winter

And that’s week two! What a wonderful assortment of materials, right? We’re never disappointed!