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Tropicana Pure 100% Florida Orange Juice: Our Favorite Florida Memory

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Ahhh, Florida! I’d love to be there right now. Spring may be ahead of it’s time in Wisconsin, but now it’s cool and windy. I’d love be be back in the Florida sun and enjoying the beaches!  I can’t be there now, there’s work, taxes, school and everything else to do – no vacation out of state for us this year – but I’m glad for our memories of our trip to Florida in 2008.
We loved the heat, beaches, sunsets, Seaworld and just relaxing at the resort!  It was Brett’s first time in Florida, as well as my own, and we really enjoyed it. I don’t need much from my vacations – just a beach, warm weather, great food and company! We’ve also been to the Gulf Shores beaches {okay, not anywhere else really, we don’t get away very often!} but we loved the more tropical feel of Florida’s beaches. The sunsets at Tradewinds were absolutely amazing! I had to watch the sun go down on the beach every night. 
There’s more than beaches and beautiful sunsets – it’s also the source of Tropicana Pure Premium orange juice. It’s made with 100% Florida oranges. No wonder it tastes so good! We didn’t get to see any orange groves when we were there but I would enjoy that. It’s something I’ve never seen. We have apples in Wisconsin but citrus fruit is my favorite. I’d love to go pick a bunch of oranges to bring home but I suppose that wouldn’t work very well on a plane….  Maybe the best way to enjoy the Florida oranges is buying Tropicana Pure Premium orange juice.

Did you know this about Florida?  Oranges have been grown in Florida since the 1560’s! That’s a long time, approximately 147 years before any other U.S. state. Wow!  Tropicana is the single largest buyer of Florida fruit, purchasing approximately 11.6 billion oranges form Florida each year, using groves in 22 different Florida counties.

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The different microclimates and soil types allow for fruit to reach peak maturity at different times so Tropicana can harvest ripe fruit throughout the entire growing season.  I love the thought that Tropicana Pure Premium  is made from fruit grown right here in the United States, not imported from around the world. Everyone seems to care about where their food comes from these days.

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Play to win a trip to Sarasota, FL visit an orange grove (One winner will get a trip to a Florida orange grove and invite three (3) guests for:  Round-trip airfare for four (4) to Florida, three (3) night stay at a Florida hotel. The winner will have an exclusive experience at experience at a Florida orange grove.)  Go back to Florida? I’d love to! What a great prize!
Here’s some more great prizes from Tropicana!
Ninety-nine winners will receive (12) 59 oz containers Tropicana Pure Premium orange juice!
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Tropicana Pure Premium orange juice is a refreshing  way to start your morning.
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About Tropicana:
Tropicana is committed to using the best fruit to give you the great tasting juice you love and the nutrition your body needs. Each 59oz container of Tropicana Pure Premium® has 16 fresh-picked Florida oranges squeezed into it and an 8oz glass gives you 100% vitamin C to help you maintain a healthy immune system.
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