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Why Massage is My Thing #BecauseMoment

This post was sponsored by Massage Envy as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central. #BecauseMoment

Why Massage is My Thing #BecauseMomentAs a family child care provider, mom, wife, blogger and volunteer board member my days are full. Beyond full some days. A lot is asked and required of me and honestly I expect a lot from myself on a daily basis. By the end of the day, I’m feeling it. My body reminds me I’m not as young as I used to be..almost 41…my feet hurt, my arm hurts, my shoulders and neck are tight with stress.

My days are filled with moments that blur into another #BecauseMoment. My days start early with child care families arriving at 7 am. There’s breakfast to prepare and serve, interruptions as more families come in, greet and smile, soothe and entertain, clean up what’s been dropped. Wipe the tables, clean the floors, do the laundry, wash dishes, make the meals, feed the cats, break up a fight, lift two year olds for a diaper change. Clean up a spilled milk, change an outfit, calm some tears, redirect some rough play. Dress seven for outside winter play, prep an activity, clean up some spilled water, wash hands, wipe a nose, answer the phone. Circle time, make a craft, wipe up paint, answer the door, reply to a text, remind about manners, fire drills, oh yes – food program rep drops in for a visit.

Why Massage is My Thing #BecauseMoment

Ongoing: step on a Lego, insist the CD player be turned down for the 10th time, break up a toddler fight, grab an ice pack for a bump, remind someone to flush and wash, hear my name 50 million times, remind that markers need covers and scissors on the floor are dangerous. There’s also lunch, naps, snacks, lots of clean up, paperwork and oh, yeah, I have a life too. They say stress is necessary for survival. I’m surviving but feeling the effects of these stressful moments!

I try to remember to take care of myself. Usually it’s in ways that aren’t so good – I tend to stress eat and self medicate with treats or caffeine. Others often remind me that I have to take care of myself so I can take care of others. It’s just not that easy.  One thing I do consistently is schedule myself a massage.

Why Massage is My Thing #BecauseMoment

A luxury? No, I consider it a necessity! It’s total body care that relieves aches, pain and stress. Massage Envy is dedicated to helping their members and guests on their wellness journey. Total Body Care is a moment to pause, check-in and tune up.

Lying on the massage table, the therapist uses techniques that heal, not just feel good, relieving pain. Massage relieves headaches, anxiety and nurtures the mind and soul. I’m still. I can’t go anywhere. I can’t clean, read or text. I can think. Or not think. Forget my worries. Massage Envy is a leader in providing accessible massage and skin care services, helping people manage living. I strongly believe (and often say), massage provides a kind of care I can’t get anywhere else. And it’s quiet. No one is demanding a drink, help, or my attention.

I’m a caregiver at heart. I do for others – family, friends, kids and clients – long before meeting my own needs. This is who I am and I’m not likely to change. I realize there must be life balance and I understand that I need to unwind and refresh. Taking time to care for myself with massage has been a routine solution to help me manage my everyday stress.

Make massage a regular part of your well being routine. Schedule yourself some Total Body Care at Massage Envy. Connect via Massage Envy, Massage Envy or Massage Envy.