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12 Fun Snacks for Kids

Looking for unique ideas for children’s snacks? I always am. It seems like we get in the same old, same old snack rut and that’s not fun for anyone. How about some creative, quick, yummy AND healthy options? Here are 12 fun snacks for kids to enjoy.12 Fun Snacks for Kids

12 Fun Snacks for Kids

Hot Dog Bun Submarine Snack – Artsy Craftsy Mom

A fun snack kids can make on their own with a few ingredients. Great for a boat, ocean or summer themed snack. Personally, I would cut open that bun and add butter at least, or make it into a sandwich for lunch. Otherwise, it might be a bit dry. Super cute!

Butterfly Snacks for Kids – Craft Create Cook

Butterfly snacks will please kids and make a memorable snack they will ask for again and again. Best thing is they are healthy. You can put these snacks together quickly and the kids can help. Great summer snack for kids or bug themed snack for preschool.

Pan-Fried Cinnamon Bananas – Freebie Finding Mom

Oh yum! Cinnamon Bananas sound delicious! Kids of all ages (adults too) will enjoy them. Serve with graham crackers and milk.

Haystacks Snack for Kids – Views From a Step Stool

Here’s a great idea for a farm theme. They’re like rice crispy bars but use chow mein noodles instead. I have a butterscotch haystack recipe that’s AMAZING too. You could easily add sprinkles, food coloring, chocolate chips or raisins to these too.

“Going Fishing” Snack Mix – Raising Lifelong Learners

Snack mixes are the best. Kids always love them! They sort their ingredients and eat their favorites. This fishing themed snack mix is fun.

Fun Kid’s Snacks, Bumble Bees and Flowers – A Mom’s Impression

We are making these bumble bee and flower fruit and cracker snacks for sure! I’m not sure if I’ve seen anything so adorable! They look yummy too, I’m sure kids will be excited to have these.

Snowman Donuts Kid’s Snack Idea – I Heart Arts and Crafts

Adorable winter themed treat for snack time or even as a little gift. Who can resist snowmen or donuts?!

Easy Veggie Train Snack for Kids – Mommy Moment

This one ought to attract the interest of little ones with bright colors and a train designed snack. Just getting kids willing to try them is half the battle! Be prepared to make this one over and over. Just add ranch!

Pizza Sticks Snack Recipe – Two Kids and a Coupon

Simple and yet, the best! You can’t go wrong with pizza. Kids like finger foods and this one would be perfect for afternoon snack time after school.

Fun Snack Pack DIY Sundaes – A Helicopter Mom

What a fun way to celebrate just about anything! A pudding sundae snack bar with sprinkles, toppings, and candies to choose from to put on packaged puddings. Great idea!

Fun Spelling Word Snack for Kids – Mom Endeavors

This one really caught my eye because preschoolers love to spell, especially their names. A learning activity, healthy snack, and fun all in one!

Three Bears Nutella Snack – Teaspoon of Goodness

I’ve made a similar snack in the past, so I know this one featuring Nutella is sure to be a hit. Such a cute teddy bear snack!

Have fun snacking!