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F is for Fire Coloring Page

I’ve created an “F is for Fire Coloring Page” to go along with our Fire Safety lessons. When we’re learning about topics like fire safety, I like to incorporate letters since children are more likely to make a connection to a specific word or object. I’m always looking for ways to incorporate letter recognition.

F is for Fire with paint
F is for Fire Coloring Page
F is for Fire Coloring Page
Download the printable at the bottom of this page

F is for Fire

We painted our pages with tempera paint and Q-Tips. You can certainly just color the page, or just paintbrushes. Try fork painting flames too.

F is for Fire Coloring Page

The paint colors mix together to make a multi-colored flame. Some kids just painted the letters and the littler ones painted all over their page, making it look like flames.

F is for Fire kids painting
F is for Fire Coloring Page

Using a Q-tip to paint incorporates a bit of process art.

Read about the Value of Both Product and Process Art

F is for Fire Coloring Page with paint

Make a list of words that start with Ff. Find some books for Fire Safety. Start a preschool alphabet book.

I love simple activities that promote process art, fine motor skills, literacy and color mixing. It’s all there! Enjoy this free printable download page in your classroom.

The F is for Fire Coloring page is appropriate for toddlers and preschoolers.

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