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Apple Tasting in Preschool with Free Printable Page

Yesterday we tasted different kinds and colors of apples. Trying new foods can be hard for kids so this is a no-pressure situation for kids to try something new.  I am trying to encourage healthy eating with a little nutrition education through fun tastings like this or the pepper tasting we did earlier this summer. Try our Apple Tasting in Preschool with Free Printable Page activity.

Apple Tasting Activity & Printable

I usually buy Gala apples, so when I went to the store, I picked out Red Delicious, Golden Delicious, and Granny Smith since they are different colors. I gave them each a slice of the first one. We talked about it, and they marked their sheets with a smiley or sad face. Then we went on to the next kind, so we were all “on the same page”. The boys really liked coloring in their charts.

I limited the crayon colors to make it a little easier to choose the correct color for the coloring section on the bottom. Seasonal and very fun!  Even the little guy who is missing his two front teeth can eat apples.

When I serve apple slices, I never peel them. Some kids eat it all, and some leave the peel.

Other ways I serve apples for child care:

Apple Tasting in Preschool & Printable

You can download a copy of the printable at the end of this post.

Apple Tasting in Preschool with Free Printable Page
Apple Tasting in Preschool with Free Printable Page
Apple Tasting in Preschool


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