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Baby Animals Eggs

This goes back to Day 2 of the Baby Animals theme but I want to share it because we had just a great time learning about baby animals eggs. Our activities included a shape game, an activity that reinforced the concept of time and waiting as well as an art project.

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Daily Topic: Eggs

I like this daily topic poster that shows all different kinds of eggs. Which baby animals grow inside eggs? We looked at the teme poster and pointed out the animals that grow inside eggs.

Hexagon Egg Hunt

Hands-on learning is the best. During circle time we talked about where a good place would be to hide an egg. Using this month’s pattern block manipulatives, I hide the big yellow hexagon shapes, along with the other pattern block shapes, in a box of paper shreds. Each child took a turn looking for an “egg” or a hexagon pattern block. We took turns until all the hexagons were sorted out of the “nest”.

Waiting for the Hatch

How long do you think it takes for an egg to hatch? To explore the concept of waiting for an egg to hatch, I placed an Animal Egg Card on the nest. Then we set a timer for different lengths of time. The time it takes for an egg to hatch depends on the animal. This is the first egg we “hatched”. I asked them to guess what would hatch out of this egg. Using our Echo Dot, we asked Alexa to “set a timer for 30 seconds”. Then we waited. It wasn’t long but I just wanted to demonstrate how this activity would go before I lost their interest. Ding! Ding! Ding! We turned over the card and it was a …

….baby turtle! Everyone was thrilled!

The next round, we set the timer for 1 minute. Out hatched a chick! The 3rd card was 2 minutes. Then for the 4th card, a 4-year-old asked Alexa to set the timer for 40 minutes! Well, that took us right up to lunch time.  To my amazement, they waited for the timer to go off and NO ONE peeked!  

A baby penguin hatched! It was so exciting. My group really enjoyed this activity and continued to play it the rest of the day. I’m sure Alexa was part of the big draw but they were genuinely excited to “hatch” the eggs.

Crayon Resist Painted Egg Art

Our art project for Egg day uses the crayon resist technique, with crayons and liquid watercolors, to design an egg. Our inspiration photo is beautiful!  This invitation to create allowed for lots of creativity in designing a beautiful egg. In Ukraine, there is a tradition of painting eggs using a wax resist technique. These painted eggs are called “pysanka”. What designs or patterns do you see on the eggs in the photo?

After drawing designs with crayon, we used sponges to paint the egg with liquid watercolors.

We all have different ideas!

I showed them how to use a corner of the sponge to paint small areas specific colors.

I experimented with it too. So fun!

There are so many fun learning activities for a preschool egg theme – these are just a few we’ve done in the past.

More Egg Ideas

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