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Bees and Butterflies Theme What’s in the Box?

April is almost here and we’re getting ready for our Bees & Butterflies theme from Experience Early Learning! I love spring but not the mud and dreary raining weather we get in March and April. We’re getting closer to green grass, flowers, and bugs once again! Here’s an overview of what’s in the box for April 2019’s box. I’m especially looking forward to the Moth and Butterfly Collages!

What's in the Box Bees and Butterflies

Bees and Butterflies

Teacher materials: Theme web, gathering list, daily activity calendar, music CD, skills chart

Bees and Butterflies Teacher materials

Teacher Guides:

  • Week One: Bee Basics
  • Week Two: Bees & Wasps
  • Week Three: Metamorphosis
  • Week Four: Butterflies
teacher guide books bees and butterflies theme

April calendar grid and numbers

april calendar grid and numbers

Letters of the month: K, M, X

letter cards from Mother Goose Time bees and butterflies theme

Family Newsletter & My Creative Mind Daily Notes

Week 1: Bee Basics

Lesson 1: Home – Beehive Rhyme, Beehive Stamping, Who Lives in the Bee Nest?, Hexagon Designs

Lesson One - Bee Basics - Home

Beehive rhyme poster

here is the beehive where are the bees rhyme poster bees and butterflies theme

Lesson 2: Food – Helping with Hexagons, How Many Bees in the Hive? Fill the Honeycomb, Busy Bees

lesson 2 with fill the honeycomb game, hexagon shape and bee hive games bees and butterflies theme

Lesson 3: Babies – Name Your Baby Bee, Queen Bee Headband, My Little Bee Jounral, Counting Bee Eggs

Lesson 3 - bees and butterflies theme - babies - One Busy Bee book, bee headband craft, My Little Journals for preschoolers

Lesson 4: Work -A Strong HIve, Drones in the Comb, Bee Hunt, Little Letter Book: Kk

lesson 4 work - Drones in the Comb letter K letter books  bees and butterflies theme

Bees and Butterflies Theme poster

Bees and Butterflies theme poster from Mother Goose Time

Lesson 5: Safety – Protecting the Hive, Bee Puppet, Safe Homes, Bee Careful!

Lesson 5 safety around bees  bees and butterflies theme

My Creative Mind Daily Notes for Week 2

Daily Notes page for parents bees and butterflies theme

Week 2: Bees & Wasps

Lesson 7: Bumble Bee – Baby Bumble Bee, Little Leter Book: Mm, Bees I Can Read Books, Bee Matching Game

Lesson 7 - Bumblebee, I Can Read books, matching cards and Letter M books bees and butterflies theme

Lesson 8: Carpenter Bee – Building a Tunnel, Bee Puzzle, Egg in a Hole, Wooden Letters

Lesson 8 bees and butterflies theme Carpenter Bee activities

Lesson 9: Yellow Jacket – Yellow Jackets Like to Sting, Yellow Jacket Noisemaker, Special Bees, Who STole the Honey?

bees and butterflies theme Lesson 9 - Yellow Jacket - shapes lesson, bee shakers Make and Play craft

Lesson 10: Hornet – Building a Nest, Listen & Draw, Counting Hornets, Stinging Words

bees and butterflies theme Lesson 10: Hornet - numbers 15 and 16, Forest Friends story page

Week 3: Metamorphosis

Lesson 11: Egg – Community of Eggs, Eggs on a Leaf, Open Your Egg, Hidden Eggs

bees and butterflies theme Egg on a leaf art, color white, sort by size leaves

Lesson 12: Caterpillar – Move Like a Caterpillar, Caterpillar Sculpture, Longest Caterpillar, Eating Through Letters

caterpillar lesson materials

Lesson 13: Chrysalis – Wrapping Friends, Little Letter Book: Xx, Drawing the Life Cycle, LIfe Cycle Patterns

bees and butterflies theme Lesson 13 Chrysalis pattern cards and letter x letter books

Lesson 14: Butterfly – Community Butterfly, Life Cycle Plate, Butterfly Symmetry, Fly to Letters

bees and butterflies theme lesson 14: butterfly flower and butterfly game, paper plate butterfly life cycle craft

Lesson 15: Moth – Proboscis Challenge, Moth Hole Collage, Moth Landing, Puzzles in Nature

bees and butterflies theme lesson 15: moth bee and butterfly puzzle, moth hole collage art project

Week 4: Butterflies

Lesson 16: Monarch- Moving like Monarchs, Migrating Butterflies, Butterfly Math, Sunny Letters

lesson 16: monarch butterfly wand, math cards, letters, k, x and m

Lesson 17: Swallowtail – Hiding Swallowtails, Butterfly Collage, Would You Rather? Scary Eyes

bees and butterflies theme lesson 17: swallowtail butterfly collage materials

Lesson 18: Blue Morpho- A Blue Morpho, Butterfly Postcard, Pollinator Bingo, Letters in the Rainforest

bees and butterflies theme blue morpho butterfly, butterfly bingo game

Lesson 19: Peacock Butterfly – Be Brave, Butterfly, Butterfly Words, Butterfly Hunt

bees and butterflies theme lesson 19: peacock butterfly clothespin butterfly craft

Lesson 20: Butterfly House – Butterfly House Tickets, My Portfolio, Be a Butterfly, Save the Butterflies

lesson 20: butterfly house materials

Coming up next month: Bubbles, Boats & Floats

coming soon Bubbles, Boats and Floats theme from Mother Goose Time

Suggested Book List

Here is the Suggested Book List that coordinates with April’s theme.

Bees and Butterflies Theme Activities

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I received curriculum from Experience Early Learning for honest and authentic stories resulting from my daily experiences using the curriculum. As a user of Experience Preschool for many years, I am pleased to share quality educational experiences. #sponsored #ExperienceEarlyLearning

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