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Chalk Rocks Sensory and Art

I like new ideas and after 12 + years of activities with children, it seems like we’ve done a bit of everything. Except this one – Chalk Rocks Sensory and Art was new to us all and fun!

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Chalk Rocks Sensory and Art

First, I offered each child a tray with a paper bowl, small amount of water, chalk, and three rocks each.water and rocksyellow chalk, water
They explored all the materials, getting the rocks wet, wetting the chalk, coloring on the bowls and coloring on the rocks. One 4-year-old said, “When I get the chalk wet, it’s like paint!” Right!rocks, water and chalk
It was fun to color on the rock and then wash it off. Some rocks were smooth and some bumpy. Some were easier to color on than others.
wet chalk coloring on rocks in preschool
It was rather quiet while they worked. This tells me they are very engaged in their work!wet chalk on rocks
chalk and water
After a while, I took the water and trays. We dried off the rocks with a paper towel. Then I gave them a black sheet of paper and they traced rocks. Chalk writes differently than a crayon or pencil! It leaves a different kind of line.
tracing rocks
One 4-year-old took his project a bit further and cut out the rock shapes.rock art
After cutting out several shapes, he glued them on a piece of paper.cutting
He colored them with chalk and wrote his name. Lovely rock inspired artwork!
Chalk Rocks Sensory and Art
So many ways to play with rocks!

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