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Build a Bird Nest Activity

Our days are filled with play, as they should be for young children. Setting up the environment that encourages children to test out new ideas through play free is the idea behind STEAM Stations. Our theme this month is Birds & Eggs from Experience Preschool. I set up these types of play centers and leave them up for a few days to a week in order for children to continue and repeat their play. This fabulous Build a Bird Nest Activity is wonderful for the block center.

Build a Nest Nest Making activity for preschoolers
Build a Bird Nest Activity

Build a Bird Nest Activity

Using a variety of loose parts and nature items, baskets, and stuffed birds, children can build a nest. My group loves to play with the stuffed birds. We have an eagle, robin, chickadee, and hummingbird.

Build a Bird Nest Preschool Activity

Materials for Nest Building Center

Here are some ideas of materials to use for a nest building center. See what you have around the house and be creative!

Build a nest STEAM Station table preschool activity

Our little center allows for two friends to work at a time and they’ve done well with keeping the materials at this table. Another idea is to create a group nest in the block center and add objects to it throughout the day.

Build a Bird Nest Preschool Activity natural materials

I’m always on the lookout for small baskets and bowls. I love using them in our play centers. This time they are our nests. Does your bird need a large or a small nest? We learned that eagles make really large nests!

baskets for making bird nests in preschool

When you put out natural items and loose parts, there’s no “right” way to play. Children are free to explore materials, ideas and methods.

Questions to Ask

While children play, asking questions expands their thought process and gives them ideas and context for the activity. Some questions you might ask are:

  • What animals make nests?
  • Where might you find a nest?
  • What do birds use to make a nest?
  • How could you make a nest that can safely hold eggs?
Build a Bird Nest Preschool Activity

I find the more often you provide these types of play opportunities, the more children become interested in them and look forward to what gets put on the table. They are able to touch materials they might not get to use otherwise. Explore textures and shapes. Compare natural items to man-made. Experiment with size and shape. So many learning opportunities!

Build a Bird Nest Preschool Activity
Build a Bird Nest Preschool Activity

Colorful feathers make nest building enticing and fun!

Real photos of nests help children see what real nests are like.

Build a Bird Nest Preschool Activity
Build a Bird Nest Preschool Activity

We’ve really enjoyed this fun nest building STEAM Station! Set one up, your kids will love it.

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