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Play Dough Bird Tracks

The second week of Birds & Eggs focuses on Bird Parts including head and beak, body, wing, feet and claws, and tail.

As children become more observant, they begin to describe and compare elements of their physical world. They start to classify, sort and categorize objects. This process helps them construct knowledge about birds and bird parts. Through activities and discussions, children begin to compare physical features of birds such as the color of their feathers or the shape of their beaks. They start to realize that, like humans, birds are unique. Teachers can help children develop these skills by encouraging children to identify their own body parts then compare them with a bird’s. Fire example, children can be asked to point to a bird’s beak in a book then fined a part on their body that is similar to a beak.

Experience Curriculum Teacher Guide Week 2: Bird Parts
Play Dough Bird Tracks Birds & Eggs theme
Bird Parts Teacher Guide Birds & Eggs theme

Playdough Bird Tracks

Using sticks and our happy little bird, we made bird tracks in play dough. This scientific reasoning and fine motor sensory STEAM Station allows learners to focus on the feet as we learn about parts of a bird.

Bird Tracks STEAM Station

Here’s our take on the Bird Tracks STEAM Station idea. I set out play dough on a tray with a basket of sticks and this cute little bird we had on display over the winter. It’s high time we put him away for the season, but not before we tried out using his feet for bird tracks in play dough!

Tray with bird, basket of sticks and play dough  Birds & Eggs theme

It’s super fun to experiment with different kinds of marking in the play dough to make them like bird tracks. We talked about where we might find bird tracks – in the mud, snow or sand. My favorite place to see bird tracks is definitely in the sand at the beach!

play dough bird tracks  Birds & Eggs theme

Any play dough activity is attractive to children but switching it up by using different materials and trying out new concepts. Usually, they will ask for additional tools like dough rollers, plastic knives or dough cutters but they didn’t this time.

Making bird tracks in play dough Birds & Eggs theme

I encourage them to poke, pinch or roll the dough with their fingers and hands. It really gives them a full sensory experience of the play dough as well as works on fine motor skills.

My group took turns with the bird but were equally engaged with the sticks.

Textures and marks that may show a bird had been there!

black play dough bird tracks

I showed them how to poke with the end of the stick or try laying the stick flat and using the side of it to make bird tracks.

play dough bird tracks activity from  Birds & Eggs theme

Hexagon Tracks

Our bird tracks concept transferred over to a math activity. Our special shape this month is the hexagon. First, we counted the sides and then used orange paint to fingerpaint bird tracks on the hexagon.

hexagon tracks finger painting  Birds & Eggs theme

Resources for Educators

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Be sure to try virtual story time as well, using the April book and video list.

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