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Composting with the Toter Composter

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I received a Toter Composter free of charge to facilitate this product review. I review products I’m interested in and that will also be helpful to others. I strive to offer honest feedback and the following thoughts or opinions about the product are written by me personally.

Composting with the Toter Composter

I started out composting with my child care, with this little bin we made. It started out as a science activity for the kids but it’s also something that interests us since we do a lot of gardening. There’s something very rewarding about it.

We finally bought a bigger bin. It was inexpensive but did the trick.current composting bin The bin sits in an otherwise-not-very-useful space between the deck railing and the fence so we use the strap to open the lid while standing on the deck, and dump the compost materials into the bin. Works well in that aspect. Doesn’t smell very nice when we’re on the deck sometimes, though…

Unfortunately, we haven’t had it a year and it hasn’t held up and after trying to get the compost out to use, discovered it wasn’t so great. I used my shovel to turn the compost once and the edge cracked – you get what you pay for I guess. Looks terrible, right? Well, we don’t really see it where it’s stored.

We don’t have room in our yard or garden for an open compost pile. With child care children in the back yard every day, I don’t really want an exposed pile of stuff rotting, although I’m sure some would love to dig in it! Also, it could attract pests which we do not need.

The Toter Composter is soooo much more attractive!

Toter Composter in the garden

The Toter Composter really makes composting easy, even if you’ve never done it. It comes fully-assembled and you can begin composting immediately. Inside the lid is directions and a composting ratio. It even comes with this handy, yet attractive, counter basket which also serves as a measuring tool for the compost recipe.

Toter Composter 4

A lid latch keeps animals out. Even in town we’ve had raccoon and squirrels in our bin. I love that it’s on wheels so I can put it out of the way and then move it when I want to use the compost. The exterior (BPA free, Polyethylene construction and made with up to 50% recycled content) is attractive too. It actually blends in with the fencing in our yard very well!

Toter Composter Features

What’s really unique is the design. Look how pretty & clean it is! Not for long…!

Toter Composter Brush

About the design: from Toter Composter website

  • Unique gravity-fed design features an internal chimney that aerates the compost from within, allowing continuous air flow needed for composting.
  • Finished compost falls through the loading chamber and into the holding chamber below by simply turning the brush handle.
  • Separate holding chamber accessed via door at the bottom of the bin. A wire grate separates the holding chamber from the loading chamber and allows finished compost to fall through to the bottom. This gives you the ability to use compost as it is finished instead of needing to wait for the entire “batch” to be complete.

Toter Composter 5

I’ve started putting some compost materials into the bin and now we have to wait 4-6 weeks to turn the brush and have finished compost fall through to the bottom.

I’m highly impressed with this composter both in the well thought out design and quality of the product.  This composting system is made to truly be useful and effective. It’s also made to last.

If you’re looking for a composting solution, this is the system to check out. If you’ve never composted before, this is a simple yet excellent method to use!

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