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Create Your Own Constellations Art

We’ve enjoyed so many fun star lessons from Experience Early Learning preschool curriculum already! The Space & Sky theme starts out with Space From Earth lessons including star, sun, moon, astronomer, and comet. This post will show you how to easily create your own constellations. Try our DIY Glittery Ombre Galaxy Jars and Cardboard Box Planetarium!

Create Your Own Constellations

Using the star manipulatives sent in our kit, we designed a constellation. After arranging the stars and deciding on a design, we traced the stars and colored them. Connecting the stars creates a constellation design. Naming them is the fun part!

Child tracing a star shape.

Tracing stars proved to be challenging for little hands. That’s okay!

Child tracing a star shape with a pencil.

This child found it difficult to trace the stars and attempted to draw his own. He also traced around the stars to make them “cookies”. Creativity is encouraged!

Child outlining star shape with a pencil.

There are many skills involved with tracing a shape like a star. Children are using eye-hand coordination, using both hands, and developing hand and finger strength. Read more about why pre-writing skills are essential here.

Stars drawn on paper.

We used glow in the dark stars but you could also use cookie cutters or something similar.

Drawing constellations.

After tracing the stars, color them and connect them to create your constellation.

Colorful constellation drawing.

Will your constellation be colorful?

Yellow and blue stars with markers.

How many stars are in your constellation?

Preschool star drawings.

If your child is still developing fine motor skills, try holding the star while the child traces or vice versa. You could also ask the child where he or she wants the stars and trace them him/her. The child can then connect the stars and color them.

Primary colored star constellation drawing.

This 5 year old recreated the Big Dipper.

Drawing of the Big Dipper with stars.

Don’t forget to name your constellation! This one was drawn and named by a very creative 11 year old.

Star constellation drawing named "shopping cart 2.0".

Star Math Mats

The star design math mats and star shapes from Experience Preschool this month are a hit!

Star Design Math Mats and star shapes from Experience Early Learning.

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