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Creative Summer Craft Kits

Summer is chaotic, fun, and sometimes lacking our normal routines. It’s a free-flowing, in and outdoor kind of playtime at my child care. The days are busy and full but by nap time for the younger ones, the older ones are ready for something more. Now what?? It’s the perfect time to pull out creative summer craft kits.

I received this free fun pack of art craft kids from Horizon Group USA in exchange for sharing our experience with their awesome art kits that inspires play and sparks creativity!

Creative Summer Craft Kits

Creative Summer Craft Kits for Older Kids

I love how easy it is to grab a box and get started with these fun craft kits because they save time and effort on my end. The kids are excited to see what they get to do and I’m thrilled to easily keep them busy with something creative.

creative summer craft kids from Horizon Group USA

Immediately the 11 year old choose the Paint Your Own Turtle. It’s a ceramic turtle that’s painted with acrylic paints. There were plenty of colors to choose from so each child can make their painted project unique.

kids using creative summer art kits

She was inspired to paint it for her mom for Mother’s Day. It would be so cute in their garden! To keep it outdoors, we agreed it would need to be protected with a clear coat finish.

paint your own turtle garden figurine

She painted it over two or three days. The turtle could have been painted with a second coat but she chose not to.

The 5-year-old painted rocks with the Made By Me! Create Your Own Rock Art kit. The glitter paints make them sparkle! It’s fun to plan a rock design and use sticker transfers to add details.

Create Your Own Rock Art Kit

The kit included everything we needed. There are 3 Pounds of Rocks, Paint Brush, 12 Colors of Paint, 4 Glitter Glue Tubes, Tattoo Transfer Sheet, Foam Brush, and Easy-to-Follow Instructions

creative summer art kit painted rock set

Kids love rocks! It’s fun to hide them around the garden or near walking paths where people can find them. What a fun way to brighten someone’s day! Used painted rocks in your mud kitchen or other pretend play, inside or out.


Look how cute the Paint Your Own Turtle turned out! It turned out so colorful and fun so she was so excited to take it home for her mom in a gift bag for Mother’s Day.

Next, we are going to try the tie-dying kit! We’ll take that outdoors and give everyone a turn to make a tote bag. I think I’ll add their names and each child can choose their colors.

Buy these awesome craft and activity kits to supplement your summer plans and keep the creativity flowing!

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